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Tipsters FAQ:


1. Can I change or edit my prediction after it is published?
After your pick is published, you can change sport, league, time and description only. In case of a mistake in odds/event/stake selection, you must either press the Report button (on top of your tip) or go the live chat and write what you want to change.

2. Can I delete my tips later?
No. You can only report the tip with a message to administrators. 

3. How do I become a verified tipster?
To become a verified tipster, your first tip will be manually checked and you will have to reach 10 tips in total. Please note - we are constantly monitoring all the tips and any serious mistake you make has to be reported immediatelly.

4.  Can I sell my tips and buy tips from other tipsters at the same time?
Yes, you can sell and buy tips on the same account.

5. Can I post multiple events from the same game?
Yes, but if you are posting same outcome, only different lines/spreads, max stake is 20 units in total. E.g. Over 210.5 and Over 215.5 from the same game can not exceed 20 units in total. Purposely repeating same outcome with many marginal differences will result in account suspension.

6. Is it safe to keep money in my account?
We are holding all customers money on a separate bank account and your money is always safe.

7. What is the maximum or minimum number of picks that can be added per day?
There are no limits for the number of picks.

8. Can I post the same pick multiple times?
Max stake for the same event is 10. You can only add same tip if total stake of picks together does not exceed 10 (e.g. 4/10 + 6/10). 

9. How do I receive the money I have earned?
After you earn 100€, you are able to cashout using Skrill, Neteller or Paypal accounts.

10. Can I post a pick with the odds I took earlier?
No, you may only use odds that are available at the moment you post the pick. We monitor all the picks real-time and check our database history regularly, any fake odds are not allowed and will be considered a serious violation.

11. What do I do to get my tip "written analysis" status?
You only need 80+ words to get the status for any tip. Please be aware that copy/paste random/repeating text is not allowed and will not be tolerated.

12. Can I post a tip right before the match?
All tips have to be published at least 30 minutes before the start date. Any tip not following this rule is a subject for review and removal.

13. Why does my tip not show up?
Please note that any of your first 10 tips is a subject to verification. In any other case please immediately contact us via live chat. Be also aware that tips with even slightly wrong odds, bad language etc. can be deleted without further explanation.


Customers FAQ:


1. How does money back guarantee work?
In case tipster fails to provide profit (+15 units) or required number of tips (min. 15) in active subscription period (30 days from subscription start) two months in a row, money will be returned to investors balance.
If tipster intentionally violates general rules, refund to investors will also be considered.

2. What happens if a tipster has losing month/period?
If you bought a subscription and the tipster had a losing month (30 days period from your purchase date), you will receive the second month for free. If the second month has not enough profit/not enough tips, too, you will receive your subscription money back.

3. Can I get my money back in case I change my mind?
No, unless tipster violated the rules or failed the requirements, all sales are final.

4. What is Yield and what does it mean?
Yield percentage shows the rate of return on your bets. While most bettors give priority to profit in units, yield is as important and often helps to distinquish decent tipsters from good and great ones.
Remember, yield often varies from leagues used (and betting limits), too. But in general, any yield between 5% and 15% (or more) is considered good/great and guarantees to make profit in the long run.