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  • Publish date: 2017-10-11 10:53:11
    Event date: 2017-10-11 19:45:00
    Stake: 10/10
    away team to win (ah -47.5) @1.89
    Ended 2017/10/11
    away team to win (ah -47.5) @1.89
    888 Sport
    3points -25.9% (25)
    Pick: away team to win (ah -47.5)
    Odds: 1.89
    Stake: 10/10
    In the period of missing main basketball leagues, i started to follow some dramaticly lower range of competitions, like Bahrain Premiere. Why? Here is really big difference between favorites and underdogs, and easily can happen favorite win with 80+ points. All deppends on motivation of favorite, and in the lasts period of match, of how bench guys from favorite play their roles. This match is one of them, as Al Manama is huge favorite, what you can see also thanks to huge handicap. I believe this kind of matches mainly finished with beaten handicap given, and thats why i am going on away to win over hand.
    So, waiting for main competitions to start, and play some rounds to have serious look... Al Manama to win over 47 points.
    Best of luck

    Tipsters Top: #1050

    Profit: -64.70

    Yield: -25.9%

    Total Tips: 25

    Followers: 7