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  • Publish date: 2019-03-14 20:47:25
    Event date: 2019-03-14 22:00:00
    Stake: 10/10
    Arsenal Under 19.5 Match Shots @1.83
    Ended 2019/03/14
    Arsenal Under 19.5 Match Shots @1.83
    UEFA Europa League
    L1n0 +19.0% (282)
    Pick: Arsenal Under 19.5 Match Shots
    Odds: 1.83
    Stake: 10/10

    This looks like fairy tale but actually this is happening. Rennes is big surprise in current edition of Europa League and extended their chances after 1st leg beating The Gunners 3:1. It wasn't luck at all (eg. Slavia), fully deserved, worked hard for that. Now, have to traveled to London with a two-goal advantage, and with the determination to play football. Of course will be forced to defend more but approach is very positive, definitely anti-park the bus strategy. I do believe that they will go for it, in fact when nobody expect you do qualify you have absolutely nothing to lose, with that attitude you can live in your dream and make it though. 

    Back to reality Rennes managed to finished the game on almost double attempts than Arsenal (19-11), and with slightly bigger ball possession. For compirastion they managed to attempt 10 times against PSG or Monaco in L1 which also speak about more offensive football then we expect from French clubs. 

    Funny fact before return leg Rennes once again had to come back from behind run the result and they done it again, went down to Caen (0:1), with advantage of one player (red card) scored 3 goals! 

    I was thinking two days which lines to choose from avaible options. Odds haven't moved since then in any directions which means bettors is confused as well. Line 19 for Arsenal seems really high. I know I was wrong with BATE predictions when The Gunners outplayed them and crossed symbolic 20 in that match but French side in theory should disallow to attempt that often because of their own style of football. Rennes if take more than 8 shots automatically should reduce amount of attempts for Arsenal so yes 19 shots is too high here. Over 7.5 For Rennes also taken but in combi for crazy odds compiler

    Tipsters Top: #9

    Profit: +534.00

    Yield: +19.0%

    Total Tips: 282

    Followers: 301