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  • Publish date: 2018-06-13 18:54:34
    Event date: 2018-06-15 14:00:00
    Stake: 5/10
    2 @1.61
    Ended 2018/06/15
    2 @1.61
    World Cup
    salades -34.4% (136)
    Pick: 2
    Odds: 1.61
    Stake: 5/10

    Much more experience in favour of Uruguay is the fact that made me favour guests, plus the very possible apsence of Salah as certainly best Egiptian player
    The fact that Salah probably won't play, make me guess an extremly defensive approch from both sides and of cource the great attackers as Cavanni and Suarez should make that one goal difference between two sides
    Moreover, I believe that even in circumstances of a very defensive game, one header from Godin, Cavani or someone else could define the end result. 
    Friendly games (Uruguay had only one vs Uzbekistan, not to mention) have showen certain weeknesses in Egyptian defence and I'm pretty sure they must conceed one goal that could be enought to seize a victory.
    Number of goals: Potentially very tight game, I don't believe in many goals due to the fact of importance of the first game at WC, specially knowing Uruguay ofter plays important matches with under 1,5 goals on the match, if it happened to be over 2,5 goals than it was lack of experience of Egyptians (probably would not surprise many of us) and handicap victory to Uruguay

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    Yield: -34.4%

    Total Tips: 136

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