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  • Publish date: 2018-06-13 00:44:50
    Event date: 2018-06-13 21:45:00
    Stake: 8/10
    Emporio Armani Milano Over 83 @1.92
    Ended 2018/06/13
    Emporio Armani Milano Over 83 @1.92
    Italy - Lega A
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    TheOne +13.0% (233)
    Pick: Emporio Armani Milano Over 83
    Odds: 1.92
    Stake: 8/10
    Lega A Finals are tied now at 2-2. Milano won both home games and Trento prevailed in both games at their home arena. The difference in these games was the tempo. Armani plays much faster at home and their percentages rise significantly. They scored over 83 in 12/15 last home games and Trento is not a defensive powerhouse by any means. 
    This being the fifth game of the series adds some pressure, but also gives a high possibility of additional fouls in the end of 4th quarter if it will not end as a blowout in Milano favour.

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