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  • Publish date: 2018-07-09 21:03:12
    Event date: 2018-07-10 21:00:00
    Stake: 10/10
    Goal Kicks (Belgium Over 7.5 + France Over 4.5) @2.05
    Ended 2018/07/10
    Goal Kicks (Belgium Over 7.5 + France Over 4.5) @2.05
    World Cup
    L1n0 +19.0% (282)
    Pick: Goal Kicks (Belgium Over 7.5 + France Over 4.5)
    Odds: 2.05
    Stake: 10/10

    Basically since we keep behind group stage every random game depends of who score first. Team take a lead and than fall back. In influence ball possession, total of shots on/off, tackles and corners. Basically everything. Expectations before kick off and potential tactics lose on value just expired.

    France haven't been tested right yet. I mean they went through  previous stages smoothly, never have to come back from behind. Even game against Argentina cannot speak much about what if France concede first (like Brazil against Belgium) and things will go wrong for The Equipe Tricolore? How ill respond, why will react under a pressure. From other side Belgians got really tested twice and they proved their worth. Showed charisma, motivation and herotic fight.  Both sides are very strong in the counter due to their fast-paced and good decision making upfront, it will be fun to see who tries to take control. 

    Significantly more impressive on a pitch is Belgium in this tournament - five games, five wins however we cannot underestimate offensive ability of France. Both teams have excellent single players, but also the collective convinced so far. 
    Why goal kicks? It is pretty cool alternative for shots which miss a target. If you expect a lot of attempts on Goal than this is the right cover. If one of team shows ability to create tons of corners and use wings to build offensive actions than some of tries will end with ball behind a goal line.  

    Recently I bet on Belgium as they just sink in Goal Kicks like a sponge. In every recent encounter recorded around 11 Goal kicks. .Even Brazil despite quite poor first half (only 1) gain 11 in the end. Worryi me that France amount attempt on goal is quite slim but average total ~8 is not that impossible target to reach.  

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    Total Tips: 282

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