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  • Publish date: 2018-05-13 08:48:04
    Event date: 2018-05-15 04:00:00
    Stake: 10/10
    Houston Rockets to win series @2.76
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    Houston Rockets to win series @2.76
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    balvon_82 +26.4% (96)
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    Pick: Houston Rockets to win series
    Odds: 2.76
    Stake: 10/10
    StakeHunters betting tipster balvon_82 predicted Houston Rockets to win series in Houston Rockets - Golden State Warriors Basketball game. Odds: 2.76. Betting company used: Pinnacle. This betting pick was also published in Basketball predictions and main StakeHunters betting tips page.

    Tipsters Top: #4

    Profit: +250.20

    Yield: +26.4%

    Total Tips: 96

    Followers: 110