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  • Publish date: 2018-06-22 00:12:39
    Event date: 2018-06-22 18:00:00
    Stake: 10/10
    E. Hallfreðsson - Under 88.5% (pass completion) @1.85
    Ended 2018/06/22
    E. Hallfreðsson - Under 88.5% (pass completion) @1.85
    World Cup
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    L1n0 +19.0% (282)
    Pick: E. Hallfreðsson - Under 88.5% (pass completion)
    Odds: 1.85
    Stake: 10/10

    Nigeria want to bounce back and will go full force to attack. 
    If you did not watch or pay attention to the Croatia - Nigeria game you may think that the Nigerian team was very inferior, in reality is that Croatia made 11 shots while Nigeria 14. 
    Both teams will in my opinion have to push for victory and I expect we will see chances at either ends, as I spoke one bet on goal attempt is already released. Second will be against a player.

    Bookies try new type of bet and set line according to opta .. probably only from first round.. Very high numbers and percentages. 

    Emil Hallfredsson represents Udinese on daily basis and used to have 88.5 PS% which is pretty impressive have to say. In first fixture of World Cup kept 88.0, is he capable to stay so high? I believe that line 88.5 is definitely overcounted. In last friendlies he got 75.8% vs Norway, 87% vs Ghana.

    Tipsters Top: #9

    Profit: +534.00

    Yield: +19.0%

    Total Tips: 282

    Followers: 301