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  • Publish date: 2018-05-14 17:40:48
    Event date: 2018-05-26 21:45:00
    Stake: 5/10
    Real Madrid @2.25
    Ended 2018/05/26
    Real Madrid @2.25
    Champions League
    €200 deposit bonus!
    Qadesh +4.0% (875)
    Pick: Real Madrid
    Odds: 2.25
    Stake: 5/10
    Liverpool have Mo Salah, However, it is the end of the season, and even he looked exhausted in the last few games. 

    Madrid has Ronaldo coming back, and he is THE big game player. Moreover, Real have played in plenty of finals before, whereas Liverpool hasn't been a part of this kind of a game in a very long time. 

    The result should be obvious. Experience, winner mentality, and better players should give Real enough of an advance to once again become the champions.

    Tipsters Top: #62

    Profit: +71.70

    Yield: +4.0%

    Total Tips: 875

    Followers: 63