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  • 5 advices how to have more customers

    Advice 1: Use social media

    Do not forget to use social networks, groups, forums to engage more customers to your personal page. Use your best written analysis and best thought-out bets as a content to invite users to follow your page.
    Define your audience: know who they are, what they are looking for. Do not spam people who are not interested.

    Advice 2: Give a free period

    As you try to attract new subscribers, it is one of the most effective ways to do that. Free period will give customer a real experience of your subscription – nothing can replace that. In case you have a good run, it will attract people immediatelly.

    Advice 3: Be consistent

    Know your thing. Bet only what you know best and are comfortable to offer to your friend. Do not forget descriptions – when you are new it is the best way to stand out in the tipsters list. And for many serious investors your bets are only as good as is your description.
    You should also know in advance – StakeHunters will promote tipsters with consistency and descriptions.

    Advice 4: Don’t chase losses

    One of the most important things that distincts an amateur from a professional bettor and tipster is often the ability to deal with streaks. If you panic and start posting (more) picks only to get your balance back, you will scare away your possible investors in the future. That’s just not how serious betting works.
    You should also have that in mind when trying to reach a profitable month in the last days. Even if you get lucky, know that your reputation is way more important than “faking” profitable month.

    Advice 5: Be patient

    Rome wasn’t built in a day. Same goes here – you need time to build trust, you need time to build your reputation. The worst thing you can do is to offer good tips for two three months and stop doing this because of lack of followers. Give others time and show that your good results wasn’t luck.