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Football is not the best sport for most new bettors. It’s because of the combination of three main outcomes, huge popularity and bookmakers attention. It’s also not the easiest sport to predict because of low scoring and many players on the field. But can you predict football results? Absolutely you can. There are many really good football tipsters and serious bettors. If it’s your favorite sport and you are prepared to invest time in football betting, you can be really successful. It may not be the easiest sport to start betting, but due to huge number of football betting markets, it’s a great sport to find value in.

Unfortunately, fixed matches are real. In some leagues this problem still exist due to lower wages and corrupt football systems. Players, coaches and referees can still be bribed. Don’t try to find fixed matches online, as nobody will share such real information for small amounts of money. People who organize this criminal activity will hide it as much as possible.
Fixed match sellers online will always be a scam. They will sell you one random outcome and in case of a lucky win, they will sell you another random result etc.

If you are looking for accurate football predictions, look no further. StakeHunters predictions site has plenty capable football tipsters and that number only grows. We provide accurate statististics for every tipster and you can choose yourself who will follow. Many sites who claim providing winning football tips or claim to be best football prediction site of the year (or similar) provide false data and are not always honest to the users. As an independent tipsters platform our aim is to keep all the records true and accurate.

  • Look for matches where both teams have similar odds to win.
  • Low odds on Under 2.5 goals often indicate much higher chance for a draw.
  • Matches where both teams could be content with a draw. Popular examples: slight Away favourites, high profile matches like semis or finals, tournaments with extra time.
  • Situations where both teams advance with a draw will have lower odds on Draw, but they will also end up drawing really often.

According to StakeHunters statistics, all major leagues combined have approximately 24% average draws. This fluctuates a bit from season to season. Past 10 seasons French Ligue 1 had about 26% draws and was the football league with the most draws. Serie A and Bundesliga are close with almost 25% draws.

Usually all CS bets in football are settled on the result after 90+ minutes play unless otherwise stated. This always includes injury time but does NOT include extra periods and penalty shootouts.

There are no miracles in betting and you will not win every time. Follow these tips and do not ask yourself how do I win a bet every time. Your aim should be to have have a winning year, as it is what really matters.

  • Favourites will not always win, even 1.01 odds will lose.
  • Do not stick to one bookmaker, always take the best odds available.
  • Avoid multiple selections bets.
  • Consider betting on smaller leagues for biggest profit.
  • Don’t bet with your heart or emotions.
  • Learn to pick profitable spots, don’t try to bet as much as possible.

There is no difference for the most part of the world. American football is called Football in most parts of the North America, therefore football is called soccer there. As for the rest of the world, football is called football and American football is a completely different sport.


How to bet on football

Football is the most popular sport in the world. It’s also the biggest and most popular sport in the betting world. Here we will run you trough the most popular football betting types. With huge number of different football betting markets it’s easy to get confused. To know exactly what and why you bet is the first and one of the most important steps to start betting on football.

Football match betting

In football, unlike many other sports, we have three main outcomes. Win, Draw and Loss. In football match betting we simply choose one the three. Home team to win, draw or away team to win. Note that football match bets are graded on the outcome after 90 minutes of play (including injury time). It will not include extra time and/or penalties.

Double chance football betting

As football betting has three main outcomes, double chance betting lets you bet on two out of three outcomes at once. The odds are naturally lower, but the chance of winning is also much bigger. When betting on double chance (DC) we choose from three outcomes. These are: Home team or draw, Away team or draw, Home team or Away team. Also commonly shown as 1X, 2X and 12 in betting. 1 is always home team, X is draw, 2 means away team.

Half-time/full-time football betting

HT/FT is a bit more advanced betting type, where you choose result after the first half together with the full time result. Betting on 1/1 means that home team has to lead after first half and also win the match. For example X/2 would mean that first half has to end with a draw and away team has to win the match. You have to be correct on both HT and FT for such bets to win.

Half time full time football betting half time full time football predictions

Under Over football betting

One of the most common betting types in all the sports, including football. Under Over football betting are bets on the number of events in a match. It can be number of goals scored under over, number of cards showed under over, number of corners under over. Every bookmaker sets the line for these events and bettors will choose Under or Over the given number. Under Over 2.5 goals is the most common line. Choosing Under 2.5 goals we expect 2 goals or less to win the bet, otherwise our bet would be lost. To win Over 2.5 we would need 3 goals or more. Combinations do not matter, it can be 2-1 , 0-3 or 8-0.

Under Over football betting

Draw No Bet football betting

A very popular betting type in football called short as DNB. It’s a bet where you select the winner of the match, but also get your stake back in case of a draw.

European handicap football betting

Also referred to as three way handicap, European handicap football betting has three outcomes. Let’s say Aston Villa plays Manchester City. Asian handicap +1 on Aston Villa would mean we need Aston Villa to win or draw. If we bet Manchester City -1 with European handicap, we need them to win by 2 goals or more. We would also have +1 Draw option, which means we are betting Aston Villa to lose by exactly one goal. Nowadays, European handicap is used less, as it has much less options and is a bit more confusing than Asian handicap.

Asian handicap football betting

As in many other sports, Asian handicap football betting is one of the most popular betting type among bettors. It has numerous options and when you understand it, it’s really intuitive betting type to use. Let’s use the same Premier League Aston Villa against Manchester City example to see how the Asian handicap works in football betting.

  • Manchester City 0.0 means we win the bet with any City victory. It also means we get our stake back in case of the draw. Basically, +0 Asian handicap is the same as Draw No Bet.
  • Manchester City -0.25 means we win the bet with any City victory. But it also means we get half of our stake back in case of the draw. This handicap can also be shown as (0.0, -0.5)
  • City -0.5 is the same as Match winner. We need Manchester City to win for our bet to win.
  • Manchester -0.75 bet will mean we need 2 goals victory to win the bet with the best odds. In case of 1 goal victory, the odds are divided /2. Such handicap can be shown as -0.5, -1.0
  • Manchester city -1.0 means we need 2+ goals margin to win. City win by one goal means we get our full stake back. Any other outcome as draw or Aston Villa win would mean the bet is lost.
  • Aston Villa +1.0 means we win the bet with any Aston Villa victory or any Draw. We also get our stake back in case Villa loses by exactly 1 goal.
  • Aston Villa +0.75 bet also means we win the bet with any Aston Villa victory or any Draw. We also get half of our stake back in case Villa loses by exactly 1 goal.
  • Aston Villa +0.5 bet means we win the bet with any Aston Villa victory or any Draw.
  • Aston Villa +0.25 bet means we win the bet with any Aston Villa victory. In case of a Draw, the original odds are divided /2

These are examples on how Asian handicap football betting works. We can of course have handicaps like +2.75 for Aston Villa that would mean even 3-0 City victory gives us half of our stake back.

Football predictions today tomorrow and next week

BTTS football betting

BTTS football betting stands for Both teams to score. A very popular choice among bettors, where you choose whether both teams will score at least one goal or not.


Correct score football betting

Self-explanatory betting type lets bettors to predict the correct result of the match. Injury time is included. Correct score football betting does not include extra time and penalties.

How to find value bets in football

As in all the sports, this is the homework for any bettor individually to be successful in betting. Follow the news about leagues, teams, players, weather and learn when to react and when not to overreact. Always check the moving betting lines and find out why it’s happening. Some bettors are very good at spotting value in early lines from bookmakers, so always try to check them early. Read our article on StakeHunters and use our tips on how to find value tips in football.

Free football predictions

On top of the tips page you can filter to see only free football predictions. On this page you will find free football tips for today, football predictions for tomorrow and predictions for the weekend. Pay attention to tipster’s history for football in particular, check his stats for football only, as some are much better in this area than others.

Free football predictions

Football predictions sites

StakeHunters will strive hard to be the best football prediction site in the world. On our site you will find lots of great football news, betting tips and predictions. Football is passion of millions and we at StakeHunters love this game as much as you do. We provide true and checked data, track every event real-time and check our history periodically – customers can be 100% sure about credibility of the statistics of any tipster.

StakeHunters provides you real opportunity to pick the best football tips from the our best football tipsters.  If you are serious about football betting, you should also use other news sources for football and fellow best betting sites for football. Remember to stay up-to-date with all injuries and suspensions.

Sites that predict football matches correctly

If you are looking for sites that predict football matches correctly, look no further. We have plenty capable football tipsters and that number only grows steadily. We provide transparent and accurate statistics for every tipster and you can choose yourself who you like best. Many sites who claim providing winning football tips or claim to be best football prediction site of the year or similar, have no real history or provide false data and are not completely honest to the users. We are independent tipsters platform and our main aim is to keep all the records true and accurate. This is why we not only check all tips real-time, but keep checking our database regularly and update records to match all outcomes as settled by bookmaker where other sites do not.

Keep in mind, up till now StakeHunters is one of the rare sites where correct predictions percentage for football matches outcome reaches more than 51%

Football predictions sites

Best football tipsters

Choose the best football tipsters on our football predictions site. While we are working to make it as easy as possible to choose the right tipsters for you, ultimately it is up to you who you will trust. Analyze statistics, browse history, bookmakers used, time posted etc. and make your decision. And if you have any doubts, you are always welcome to reach us via live chat and email.

Football predictions today

Here you will find all football predictions for today and football predictions for tomorrow. Probably some for the future, too. We are here to help you to find the best football predictions for today faster – all football tips with descriptions are marked with description icon, predictions with more than 80 words are also marked with golden StakeHunters border.

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