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Bookmakers rating

Top Betting SitesFor those who may not be familiar to sports betting, word bookmaker might be slightly unknown. You might have heard such terms like bookmaker, bookie, backer in movies.  Bookmaker (bookie) is your sports betting broker that lets you to place bets and pays you out in case you win. More formal definition would be: A bookmaker, bookie, or turf accountant is an organization or a person that accepts and pays off bets on sporting and other events at agreed-upon odds. It can be an online top betting sites as well as regular and more traditional place where you can come and place your bets while interacting with manager.

It is extremely important to choose right bookies that give you the best conditions, the biggest odds, have least margins and always pay out in time.

Backers typically is a company that works in a certain a field or whole sports betting industry. It can range from horse race tracks to football, basketball, tennis and other sports including minor ones. Some tend to include even some non-sports events that attract attention worldwide or in a certain country. These events may be political elections, dance and singing contests and many more.

They keep their rights to provide possibilities to bet on only those events that they want. This means that any bookmaker can exclude an event which seems to have a chance to be fixed or the one which has unusual amounts of money put into.

There are different variables that help people to choose a right bookie, some of them are:

Betting Margins 

Good bettors value low margins because sums that they bet are huge and slightly higher margins can make a difference in thousands of winning in a long run. Small overall margins are being considered those that are under 4%, while some company`s take as much as 8 percent. You have to take into consideration one simple fact – margins can differ not only on different betting sites, but as well when on different sports. Some have higher margins on soccer, some on tennis and so on.


If bet heavily, you will be wishing to have as many events as possible at the same bookmaker. This helps your money management to be easier. As well big number of events may help you to find the golden gem among bronze, you can reach your potential and choose your direction whether it be spread, over/under bets or anything else.

Live betting (in play)

There are some punters who specialize in live betting. For those less familiar with this term: it is a way of bets on certain events when the game has actually started. Live odds can be drastically different compared to pre-match odds and in some cases this gives bettor an advantage.


You want to have business only with reliable bookmakers. But what does it mean? Simple. Reliable companys do not limit winning players, they pay out quick and right, they have no hidden conditions and you can be really sure that you can cash out at any time and without any trouble.


You must have an easy access to your favorite bookie. This means good web page which loads fast, mobile version of the website so you could access it with your any smart device and apps for Android and iOS systems. To have an app these days is crucial for all backers because this helps potential clients (a.k.a. you)

There are some more important things to consider, so keep reading.



Top betting sites

Since nowadays most of the gambling occurs on the internet, betting sites are forced to compete not only against local colleagues but as well against almost all world-class companies. Due to this reason, online bookies have to be somehow different and offer better conditions.

Usually, those conditions vary as bookies tend to have few key advantages. It can be margins, accessibility, number of events, extras (online casino, poker), bonuses and other things which help to attract customers.

best sports betting websites

It is hard to tell which bookie online are the best since there are many factors, including those mentioned before. However, it is fairly easy to make bookmakers rating by their advantages and disadvantages. Those online backers who have many events, online casino, medium or higher margins, usually are best suited for casual bettors.

The best online sites for good punters are those that have the lowest margins and huge community trust as well as a way to easily access your account and place bets.

Keep in mind, many things may depend on the country that you are living in as there are various betting restrictions in some countries. For example, top online backer in the UK may differ compared to top bookies in the USA.

Although some companies continue their activities (almost) all around the world, some have stopped their work and do not allow players from the United Kingdom. The same applies to many other countries, so you have to check, whether you can bet using particular bookmaker websites.

On another hand, many more variables are important when choosing your operator. For some, it can be a favorite sport – the one that bettor wants to bet on. If you look for best online bookies for football, consider all afore mentioned things and do not forget to look for bookmaker review and look for which can give you both Asian and European handicaps to bet on football.


New bookmakers

New bookmakers

There are so many of companies, it is really hard to choose from. The good news is the number of bookmakers make them work even harder and give better conditions for us, bettors.

Actually, every year new brands start their activities and 2019 is no exception. Because of different conditions, various bonuses and other things that new backers provide, it is really hard to choose where to bet.

At StakeHunters we recommend you to simply do your research and become sure that the new bookmaker is trustworthy. As well other things should be taken into consideration, such as live betting which is becoming more and more popular these days. Make sure your new bookmaker offers you cash out possibilities which are useful when your pick is close to turning into profit but then something starts to go wrong (a certain player gets injured, a team starts underperforming, etc).

Odd conversion between fractional, decimal and moneyline odds is a must! Some overseas bookmakers tend to make it hard to convert between different odds. Betting odds explained.

Make sure their web page is easy to use and has a fast loading speed. In some cases, it is extremely important because when you bet live, you want to get our bet accepted as soon as possible until odds have not dropped.

Do not be afraid of new UK casinos from Wisegambler but keep your mind straight on the target. You want to make profit, therefore old good bookmakers may be more reliable.



Bookmaker bonus

Bookmaker bonus

100% deposit bonus up to a certain amount of money. They often double your first deposit money (or give another raise by certain percent) up to their chosen amount. Of course, there is a catch because you have to run the bonus some times until you can withdraw it. Many sites give you 100% deposit bonus up to 100 or 200 dollars/euro.

No deposit bonus. Usually, it is a small sum of money which you need to use for some time until you can withdraw them. These kind of bonuses are becoming rare because they do not give much value for those who are really into that.

No lose bets. Sometimes you can make money with no risk since some bookies offer you to make no lose bets. This works in a pretty simple way: company tells you on which game they give you a no lose bet for a particular sum. If you win, you have to use that money for further wagers, if you lose, your bankroll remains untouched. This kind of bonuses try to attract people to gamble. Those who are serious about it should avoid this.

We highly recommend you to look at bookmakers offers with suspicion. You get bonuses because bookmakers want you to bet, to be active and lose money as a result.

Extra high bonuses. Some cryptocurrency bookmakers have extra high bonuses for deposits by bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. If you a fan of these kinds o currencies it is one of the best ways to use it.


Top online betting sites


bookmakers_ratingWhat are the top online betting sites that you can utilize today? The truth is, there are so many of them that even the best of the best have a tendency to get lost in the shuffle. As a result, a lot of people use the websites that they are already familiar with, either through previous personal experience or because those are the sites that someone they are close to uses. However, that does not necessarily mean that all of these sites really are the best.

In fact, casual observers have probably never even heard of the best sites out there. Most people have heard of Bwin or William Hill. With that being said, these names are familiar because they are the ones that constantly seem to be in the media. On the other hand, sites like Pinnacle and Sbobet are less well known from a casual perspective because of the fact that they are not constantly in the mainstream media.

In reality, these are really the best online sports betting websites that you can use. What makes them better than the other sites? First and foremost, they are solid websites with good reputations. Second, they have really good payouts and finally, they offer a lot of versatility when it comes to choosing your favorite sport. When you put all of these things together, it quickly becomes easy to see how these sites excel.

Some others good sites like Bet365Unibet try to attract customers offering bonuses that are far more respectable than many other sites.

Players who have never used these types of websites before have an unfortunate tendency to automatically flock to the sites that have a familiar name. The truth is, it is better to choose websites that manage to stay out of the limelight for the most part because these are the ones that offer the greatest peace of mind, not to mention providing their users with high levels of security when it comes to handing over their personal information.



Top betting sites

biggest betting companies

Top betting sites have plenty of in-play options on a variety of sports for users to bet on. Hence, as well as having a wide variety of pre-match markets to bet on, players can also make informed decisions as a match begins to develop, enhancing their overall experience.
Top 10 sports betting sites have an easy layout which makes it simple for users to place bets. They typically have a coupon on the right-hand side of the page which allows players to browse through the site and select potential bets.

Bet365 is probably the biggest and one of the best online sports betting sites currently available. Players are able to deposit and withdraw money using a variety of methods, the site has markets for every sport, along with a selection of “specials” bets. It also has the biggest live betting section, where you can find various live streams even from smaller leagues, which can’t be found any anywhere else.

Betfair offers players a different experience as the odds are not fixed, meaning they can be more volatile. It is the biggest betting market at the moment. Players choose to either back or lay (bet against) certain outcomes, and the amount of money that has been bet on each market determines the odds that are offered. Be patient with betfair and do not rush your bets, as it requires a bit more time to get used to.

Pinnacle is best known for offering best odds of all companies. It has the lowest margin almost everywhere, ranging from 1.5% to 2.5% on the main leagues/sports. They give no bonuses, as their biggest bonus to professional bettors is better coefficients and knowing they won’t be limited or even blocked just for being a winning player, as it is common practice in many other companies.

SBObet is an Asian operator, which offers over 1500 sporting events every week. It is commonly used by serious handicappers and is also very good for totals. Don’t let its currently outdated interface fool you – it is still one of the best and most respectable companies out there.

William Hill is worth mentioning, as it is one of the oldest backing companies in the world and will fit you the best if you are into horse racing betting. Besides that, it offers decent overall sports coverage and special bonuses for some countries.