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Basketball predictions today

StakeHunters has a goal to become the best basketball prediction site in the world. Here you will find basketball predictions for today and basketball predictions for tonight. Long term basketball tips like NBA champions odds, Euroleague winner odds and national champions will also be on the bottom of the basketball tips page when our basketball tipsters find value in any of them.

Basketball tips with descriptions are marked with a special icon, predictions with longer descriptions are also marked with golden StakeHunters border.
In our betting guide section you will also find an excellent betting guide and tips for basketball betting. Basketball handicap betting is one of the most consistant betting type among all the sports. You may not find huge value in big leagues like NBA, Euroleague or Eurocup, but high limits makes these leagues profitable for experienced tipsters.

Basketball predictions today

Euroleague    NBA Basketball Predictions    College Basketball [NCAAB]    Lithuanian Basketball League [Betsafe – LKL]    Spanish Basketball League [Liga ACB]    VTB United League    Turkish Basketball Super League [BSL]    Turkish Basketball 1st & 2st Leagues [TBL&TB2L]    Italian Basketball League [Lega Basket]    Israel Basketball Super League [Ligat HaAl]    German Basketball League [Bundesliga]    Greek Basketball League [A1 League]    Latvian Basketball League [LBL]    Norway Basketball League [BLNO]    France Basketball League [LNB Pro A]

Free basketball predictions

Here you will find basketball tips for today, basketball predictions for tomorrow and let’s not forget basketball predictions for the weekend and Futures betting for season outcomes. On top of the basketball tips page you can use a filter to view only free basketball predictions. Pay additional attention to tipster’s history for basketball tips in particular and his stats for basketball only.

In many parts of the world, basketball already became the second sport after football and the same is in betting. Basketball betting and NBA betting in particular attracts a lot of money, if you pick your basketball tipsters correctly, it will help you to have steady income from betting on basketball.


Basketball predictions under over

Basketball betting predictions for under over is one of the most popular basketball sports betting form. Almost all betting companies like Pinnacle, Betfair, Bet365, 22Bet etc. offer basketball betting lines, where you can place bets on how many points both basketball teams will score. Some others companies like Tonybet, Bovada or 1xbet also offer wide range of basketball players points, rebounds, assists under over lines.

With the growing Fantasy Basketball market, bookmakers also offer more players statistical lines. Under Over player performance in basketball can combine points, rebounds and assists and any other combination of statistical categories.

Basketball handicap betting tips

Basketball handicap betting gives bettors an opportunity to choose winning team with additional points added or subtracted from the result. Basketball bookmakers job is to set handicap as close as possible to make it a 50-50 game. Basketball tipsters find games, where they believe handicap is set too high or too low.
On Stakehunters, basketball handicap betting tips have one of the highest winrate among all the sports and has proved to be one of the most profitable betting types.

NBA betting tips

NBA is by far the biggest basketball league in the word. Here every single team plays 82 games in the regular season from October to April. Half of those games are played and home and the other half are played away from home. Due to this structure, the NBA has most betting opportunities, as many games together with complicated schedule creates various situations for bettors to find value. NBA betting tips from winning tipsters are also the most valuable ones, as NBA betting limits are much higher than any other basketball league. NBA Fantasy leagues are the biggest, this means NBA betting offers the most propositions for player points, assists, rebounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Basketball moneyline betting – just pick the team to win.
Basketball handicap betting – pick team with additional points added or subtracted from the result.
Basketball Under Over total betting – it’s pretty self explanatory, as it’s the total points scored. Note that for full time result almost all bookmakers count overtimes, too.
Basketball player props (propositions) – betting on basketball player performance. This may include points scored, rebounds, assists and other statistical categories. Usually has much lower betting limits than main bets.

It’s proven that basketball handicap betting is one of the most consistant betting type among all the sports.
On Stakehunters, basketball handicap betting tips have one of the highest winrate among all the sports and has proved to be one of the most profitable betting types. Tennis is the best for new bettors. But nothing is completely safe in betting. The best sport to bet is always the one you are familiar with.

The easiest sport to bet is always the one you know the best. Basketball is probably the most consistant sport to bet, while baseball is statistically proven to be the most random one. Football (soccer) betting might be tougher for some new bettors, as it’s by far the biggest sport and also the most analysed by bookmakers. But remember – you can find value in any sport and tipsters who are good at various sports.

Watch for moving lines. Heavy moving lines indicate something is probably happening. Check basketball news, twitter for updates on player injuries and other updates.
Always check the teams schedules. Especially in the NBA, fatigue plays a huge role with 82 games during regular season only. Add NBA playoffs and some NBA teams will play 100+ games during the season.
Watch out when betting on favorites. Be extra careful betting on big names. It’s much harder to find value if you are always betting on favourites. Sometimes they are favourites for a reason, sometimes they are not. Use odds to your advantage and don’t expect favourite to always win.
Pick only games with value. It’s easy to start betting on too many games. Don’t think you know everything better than anyone else, try to find games you have most knowledge about.

There is no correct answer to this question. You should know that even the best bets can end up losing and you should be prepared for that. Don’t try to find fixed games online – you will not. If you are following a tipster tip, check his history for basketball. The best you can do is to find value in every bet you make.

It’s a handicap given for the underdog. Favourites will always have – x.x points and underdog added points to their real game total. The lower the numer is, the closer are the teams. As the number grows that shows one team as heavy favourite against another. Negative number will indicate the favourite. Positive number means the underdog.

Handicap and Spread is the same thing. Basketball handicap betting gives bettors an opportunity to choose winning team with additional points added or subtracted from the result. For example taking Miami Heat -5.5 means they have to win by 6 points or more for your bet to win. Taking +5.5 would mean your team can lose by up to 5 points and you will still win the bet.

It’s the total points scored in the game by a team or a player. You have to predict if the result will be under or over the line given by the bookmaker. Note that for full time result almost all bookmakers count overtimes in basketball, too.

The payout is moneyline odds multiplied with the sum of money you are betting. You can find our detailed explanation how betting odds work here.