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  • 5 Tips to Help Beginners with Football Betting

    Five Tips to Help Beginners with Football Betting

    There are many different places on the internet where you can find football tips. Some of them are very good, while others are not so good. However, what they are giving you is their own football tips, and many people would like to pick their own. If you would like to pick your own, and you have looked before to try and find help with picking tips, it is likely you found very little on the internet. However, our guide is here, and we will help you pick out your own football teams if you have the time to do so. Here are five tips to help you pick your own football teams to bet on.

    #1 Keep Things Simple

    Often the biggest mistake that newcomers to football betting make is that they try to over complicate things too much. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about the teams you pick, how many teams you have or something else. The best and easiest way to learn is to keep things simple, because over complicating will mean you don’t understand as much, and you are more likely to lose so as well as losing your money, you are not learning.

    You will have to go on a learning curve when betting on football and you will make mistakes from time to time. However, a simple approach will allow you to pick things up as you go along, and the mistakes you make will be genuine ones, not because you have lost your discipline.

    #2 Don’t Forget the Draw

    When many newcomers look at a football game, they often look for a team to win the game. This means that if you do this you are only looking at two of the three possibilities on that game, with the draw being the other outcome that may happen. Often people overlook the draw, but it is a way to back and get good value on your bet, and also a way to still have a bet in a game that you think will be very tight.

    The draw can often be the highest price out of all three possible outcomes, so if you can back a winning draw then you are going to get a good price from your bookmaker. Many people leave draws alone because when betting on a draw they have nothing to cheer on, but it is vital that you keep your betting separate from any feelings you have when watching the game.

    #3 Find Your Own Stat Lines to Use

    There are hundreds of different stats out there to help you with your punting, but there are far too many for one person to compute and use. To keep your betting working in a similar style, it often pays to find a small group of stats that you can use, and stick to using these ones, assuming they are giving you some winners of course.

    For example, one thing many people look at is the home and away records of each team to decide who to back. If a home team has a good record, and the team they are playing are poor away from home then that points towards backing the home team. In the same way, an away team with a good record away from home against a poor home team would also be worthy of consideration.

    There are many other similar stat lines that you can use to help you place your bets. However, there are far too many for one person to use, so if you are looking into stats then be sure to take a small sample, and use these ones all the time to not confuse yourself. You should be able to analyse your betting at intervals, and if your stats are not working, then it is time to move onto something else.

    #4 Understand Game Situations

    Sometimes a game has a different angle that you need to include when you are looking to place a bet. This is how important the game is to each team, and can include if one team has nothing to play for near the end of the season, or if the game is a big local derby and has huge importance to fans in that area.

    When betting towards the end of the season, always look out for teams that have nothing to play for. These are the teams who are right in the middle of the table. They cannot push on to the top, and are safe from relegation. These teams may use their final games to take a look at some fringe players or even some players from their youth teams, to try and find players for the season after.

    Local derbies can often be the toughest games to bet on, so make sure you are aware if you are looking at one. These can often be huge games for the fans, and emotions can run very high in these games, making them often a little unpredictable. Unless you are sure of a bet, these can often be games to leave alone.

    #5 Try to Watch Games

    If you have the ability to watch games on TV, then try to watch as much as you can. There is only so much you can gain from seeing the final score and the various stats from a game, so try and watch the action if possible. This will show you teams who have been lucky and unlucky, which can give you a different opinion of them when you are looking at bets to place the week after.

    If a team have played really well, and lost in a tight game they may interest you the week after, but if all you see is that they have been beaten then you may not look into backing them. You will only know they have been unlucky and played well by watching them play, so try to do this as often as you can.