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  • Beginner’s Guide: Types of Betting

    If you are interested in betting or want to learn more about it, it is important for you to understand that there isn’t just one form of betting today.  There are several different types of betting and they are all unique in their own way. If you are looking to find out more information about betting and types of betting that are being used today, you will find most answers in this article. The more you learn and start to understand different types, the more fun and clear bets placing will become.

    1. Head-To-Head Betting  
    The head-to-head betting market is an easy one to understand and you learn quickly how to make a bet and calculate your pay-out.  You just have to pick a winner without any additional conditions.

    2. Handicap Betting 
    Handicap betting, also known as the “Spread”, involves giving one side a handicap, or a virtual deficit, to be able to overcome at the start of the event.  After the handicap has been applied and your chosen selection score will be greater than opponents, you will win the bet.  This type of market is most popular in many sports and events.

    You might come across a “scratch” (or handicap 0). This means that no handicaps will be applied to the final score of each opponent and the winner will be the outright winner of the event.  There are a few ways that handicap betting can be offered, and they include:

         – Handicap match betting

         – No draw handicap match betting

         – Handicap league betting

    In the end, whichever team has the most points with added or subtracted handicap, will be deemed as the winners of the event.

    3. Over/Under Betting 
    Over/under odds, or as it is known as “total” betting, is beginning to grow in large popularity and is becoming one of the most used forms of betting when it comes to games.
    Instead of betting which team is going to win, you are betting on whether the teams will go over or under the amount.  The specific score itself will determine if you win or lose this type of bet and this is what makes over/under betting intriguing and different.

    4. Each Way Betting 
    Each way betting has two different ways to take part in the bet and these include a win bet and to take place bet.  Horse racing is the most popular when it comes to each way betting, because the individuals can place a bet on which horse is going to win, as well as placing bets on the place that other horses will take.  So, you can win money even if the horse you bet on to win does not win.  Each way betting has been used for centuries when it comes to horse racing.
    The same principle applies to almost any racing betting, as well as many other individual sports with multiple possible outcomes.

    5. Asian Handicap Betting 
    In Asian handicap betting, draw result is eliminated.  You have two betting options in the process of Asian handicap betting and they include betting on home or betting on away.
    Asian betting is preferred when it comes to the game of football, because there are more chances of predicting correctly than betting 3-way.  Once you have done this type of betting a few times, it will become incredibly easy to use.

    In-Play Betting 
    You might have heard the phrases live, in-running, or in-play betting, and you should understand exactly what these mean.  In-play betting means that the betting has taken place after the event has already started, and it goes all the way through to the conclusion of this event.
    This type of betting is popular, because you are able to view the event as it is taking place, therefore you are able to see what possible outcome might be before you place your bet.  This is beneficial and sometimes helps to choose the outcomes more precisely.  One downside of placing bets live is lower odds, other – smaller one, is waiting times before your bet is approved.

    If you want to make a small stake but make a big profit, then multiples betting is the betting for you to take part in.  A multiple is simply another name that is used for an accumulator from a double upwards.
    The biggest advantage is that you are able to win a very large amount of money without having to put a lot at risk to be able to do so.  You can enjoy different types of events or games and have fun placing bets, without having to worry about the risk of losing a great amount.  This is what makes this form of betting a very popular one among beginners.
    The main downfall that comes with multiples betting is the fact that you are much less likely to win the bet.  So you might not want to risk a lot to place this type of bets.

    In conclusion, there are many options of betting that you have to choose from.  There are so many different types of events and sports and specific betting types will help you place the exact bet you want. Thus it is really important to understand this area of betting – what each type means and what benefits it gives.