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  • The most eye-catching results in recent weeks

    choice1 Football, the beautiful game, is a worldwide phenomenon in large part because of the drama it constantly produces, and these past few weeks have been no different. We’ve seen local derbies, upsets and major shifts in league tables across Europe. [...]
  • Legal Sports Betting In The United States: Where Is It Legal?

    choice1 After the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was struck down in 2018, the power to legalize sports betting was handed over to state governments. States can now choose to introduce legal sports betting within their borders if they wish to. However, there was a lot of interest surrounding sports betting even before its legalization. [...]
  • The Most Popular Sports Among Punters

    choice1 Sports betting is gaining traction in recent years with an abundance of high-quality online betting sites available on both desktop and mobile devices. That being said, if you're new to betting and you want to learn what the most popular sports among punters are, this article features the most popular sports in 2021.  [...]
  • Sports Betting Guides for Betting Odds and Predictions

    choice1 When you’re betting on sports, having the most competitive betting odds around helps you to get the best value for your bets. Furthermore, getting quality predictions on sporting events will help maximise your chances of placing a winning wager.   [...]
  • What is Asian Handicap?

    choice1 Asian Handicap is used across many sports like football, basketball, and tennis among others. This advanced type of betting levels the odds for the two teams that are playing against each other by giving one a headstart and the other one a deficit to even-out the scoreline. [...]
  • Euro 2020 – Making the Case for Each of the 3 Favourites

    choice1 If you have watched the recent round of internationals for World Cup 2022 qualifying, you will have noticed that plenty of big teams have struggled. Spain, France, Portugal and the Netherlands all dropped points against ‘lesser’ opposition, and some of the other leading nations laboured despite victories. It’s pointedly clear that fatigue has played a role, a fact not helped by FIFA/UEFA’s insistence on playing three matches during the international break. [...]
  • 5 Horses To Look Out For During Belmont Stakes

    choice1 The Belmont Stakes will be the final opportunity for three-year-olds to claim a leg of the Triple Crown, while one of the horses involved will be looking for a remarkable second success. But, which five horses should fans look out for in the Belmont Stakes in June? [...]
  • Sports Betting: The Advantages of Placing Bets Online

    choice1 Nowadays, most activities are done online due to the escalating number of infected COVID-19 cases, just like how betting is now available and could be done on different online platforms. Undeniably, the rise in technology had made work and entertainment for most people easily accessible and convenient.   [...]
  • One in Five Fans Use Mobile Apps to Consume Sports Content

    choice1 The big news from a mobile perspective is that sports fans across many gender and age groups are consuming online sports material, video, and watching live events from their mobile devices in impressive numbers,according to Jessica Chaset, Burlington, MA-based Burst Media's senior vice president of mobile solutions. [...]
  • How to become better at online slots

    choice1 The modern Internet has changed the way of living in a very significant way. Nowadays, every place and every business sector and even industries are using the Internet, and it is felt. Entirely interestingly, the same Internet has created a steady place in the gambling and casino industry. There are thousands of casinos available on the Internet today. The newest thing is no online deposit casino. [...]
  • Top 5 Online Casino Table Games to Bet On

    choice1 Mention the word “casino”, and you’ll probably conjure up images of lucky players surrounded by piles of chips from winning games such as craps, Baccarat, poker, roulette and blackjack. [...]
  • Free Bets 2021

    choice1 A free bet is a sportsbook bonus awarded to punters to wager on sports without risking a lot of their money. Today, many sports betting sites offer free bets to entice new bettors and retain their existing customers. However, some free bets require punters to deposit a certain amount of money to claim. Other free bets are available without a deposit  [...]
  • 5 Best Basketball Strategies

    choice1 Baskeball is one of the most popular games. Thousands of people place bets with a 20Bet sign up offer during the main matches. To start betting, you should know strategies, and here are 5 best of them. [...]
  • The Best Bets from Euro 2020

    choice1 After a year’s delay, the 16th edition of football’s European Championships are set to get underway in June of 2021. Having a major soccer event taking place in any part of the world will always attract attention and bettors in Kenya and beyond will be eyeing up the Euros with great interest. [...]
  • The best Nigerian betting sites ranked

    choice1 Looking for the perfect sports betting site or app can often seem like an impossible task. There are just so many different things to consider, all of which are important. For instance, securing the very best sign up offer as possible is obviously vital, but one must also consider things like customer service, security and of course, whether the operator has a wide selection of different markets to explore. [...]
  • How Does the 2021 March Madness Bracket Work

    choice1 March Madness is the name given to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, and it is one of the best sporting events of the year. March Madness betting is extremely popular, but this tournament also offers up a unique betting experience. [...]
  • How New Jerseys Gambling Scene Is Going from Strength to Strength

    choice1 While many believed it to be trend that will blow off, the online gaming industry in NJ has been going from strength to strength. Revenue from online casinos is hitting sky-scraping heights, and there’s no intention of stopping anytime soon. Online casinos are here to stay, and gamblers have finally adjusted to the new reality. [...]
  • Top 11 Best New Casino Sites with New Bonuses

    choice1 With its lucrative rewards, comp points, and VIP program, Kim Vegas is an online casino established in December 2020. The site offers a welcome bonus that amounts to €1,300. Players also get 50 percent reloads of up to €100 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The online casino accepts players from all countries. [...]
  • 4 Teams Heating Up Going into NBA Season 2nd Half

    choice1 The All-Star break is upon us, and the NBA power rankings are beginning to solidify, as it becomes clear which franchises are heading in the right direction this year and which ones are having to go back to the drawing board. [...]
  • A Quick Betting Guide for the Kentucky Derby 2021

    choice1 Racing itself is a pleasure and thrill to watch, but some people do like to increase the stakes and include their money in the game. It’s one of the many reasons why betting in events like horse races became such a huge deal for people involved. This probably instills a sense of involvement, competition, and accomplishment whenever they join despite presenting huge risks. [...]
  • Rising Popularity of Bitcoin Sportbooks

    choice1 In recent years bitcoin sports betting is gaining popularity in the gambling world. Crypto blockchain technology has made online gambling and betting easier than before. Several gamblers often bet on their favorite games, and digital currency has become the fastest, transparent, and safe betting medium. The gambling industry has never been secretive because most authorities considered it illegal. But with cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and digital coin tools, investors can now make payments and gamble without tracing them. You only need to check the latest trading signals and place your bets using bitcoin. [...]
  • Beating the Odds: How Aristocrat Leisure Can Enter Sports Betting Market

    choice1 With over 60 years of experience to its name, the company has built a firm brand name, especially with slots and gaming machines. Thanks to the huge name, the company has been able to expand its base. Today, Aristocrat has offices in 320 jurisdictions globally, covering 86 countries in total, including the United States, Japan, Russia, South Africa, etc.    [...]
  • ​​​​​​​Winning Your Fantasy Games: How To Do Well in the NFL Fantasy Games

    choice1 Football games had gained many spectators over the years, especially when sports became available on TV and the internet! If you are an avid fan, you know that watching the leagues is more fun when you create, manage, and even own a team by playing fantasy football. [...]
  • Finding Value Tips For the 2020-21 European Football Season

    choice1 Football is back underway, albeit a little later than usual, across Europe, and punters will be looking forward to a new season of elite football in Europe. Let’s be honest about it, though, it’s not very alluring for a punter to bet on outright markets across Europe’s top leagues. After all, what’s the point in placing a bet on, say, Paris Saint Germain to win Ligue 1 at 1/100. [...]
  • The UKs Biggest Betting Opportunities

    choice1 Sports betting in the UK has been massive for years now. Unlike the USA, the market is well established and offers a huge selection of betting options. But with such a huge market it can be hard to choose the best events and opportunities to stick your wager on and chance your arm at beating the bookies for some sweet, sweet profits. We are going to take a look at the UKs biggest betting opportunities and see just where to make your betting selection.  [...]
  • Dutch Sports Betting Market Opening Up in 2021

    choice1 The government of the Netherlands aims for the Remote Gambling Act to come into force on 1st January 2021. This simply means that the controlled online gambling market will officially open on 1st July 2021 instead of 1st January as initially anticipated. In an update to the government and the concerned parties, Sander Dekker, the Minister for Legal Protection, said that more time is essential to complete the secondary legislations.  [...]
  • Winning Strategies to Bet the NFL

    choice1 Some millionaires wince at losing a $5 bet while there are trashmen who have no sleepless nights about losing $500. This measures what we call pain threshold and it has to do with how much you can afford to lose over the course of a season without getting the cold sweats if you lose it all. For some that bankroll might be $500 for an entire 17-week NFL season while for others it could be $500,000 [...]
  • ​​​​​​​UEFA Nations League predictions

    choice1 The game between Azerbaijan vs. Cyprus is expected to be a close contest between the two teams. Azerbaijan has had their ups downs in the nation's league, with beating Cyprus while losing to Luxembourg and Montenegro. The main aim of Azeri is to get back on course in group 1. They are likely to have a tough match against Cyprus. The Cyprus side's bad news is that Qarabag attacker Mahir Emreli will not play since he has an injury. [...]
  • The World’s Hottest Tipster Was 4-0 With His Betting Picks to the Public

    choice1 The 2020 NFL season has been one of the most unique ever. With the global Covid-19 Pandemic gripping the sports world for much of 2020, the NFL has had to adopt some very strict guidelines and protocols in order to mitigate the risk of infection for both its players and their fans. This has made the 2020 NFL season like no other in history. [...]
  • What Are The Most Used Payment Methods For Betting

    choice1 Since the inception of online betting, the industry has grown at a rapid pace. This exponential growth has led to an immense diversification in the payment methods available for players to choose from. With so many options it is not surprising that there are more than a few popular options.  Like people, payment methods come in all shapes and sizes, there is no one size fits all. Different groups of players are all looking for different things and this has opened the way for the use of a wide selection of transaction methods.  [...]

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