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  • What is Asian Handicap?

    What is Asian Handicap?

    Asian Handicap is used across many sports like football, basketball, and tennis among others. This advanced type of betting levels the odds for the two teams that are playing against each other by giving one a headstart and the other one a deficit to even-out the scoreline.

    This type of betting makes the probability for either bet closer to 50%. Good thing is when you use an Asian Handicap betting platform, you can win your stake back if a team does not go too far from your handicap mark. A lot of professional punters like to use Asian Handicap on football betting because of its greater probability and more coverage for your stakes. In a normal sporting event, there are three possible outcomes - win, lose, and draw. The Asian Handicap actually reduces the number of betting outcomes into two.

    Here on Stakehunters, we give you free football betting tips and how you can apply Asian Handicap to your sports betting activities.

    3 Tips for Asian Handicap Betting

    If you’re a newbie who wants to try Asian Handicap, here are three things that you have to take note of:

    1. Observe the Underdogs

    The key to betting on Asian Handicap is to observe the teams that will be playing in a match, be it on football, basketball, tennis, American football, or any sport that has two teams per match competing against each other. Normally, punters would bet on the stronger team. But with this strategy, you should keep an eye on the underdogs because if you consider the underdog playing at home, then it could be worth it to chop the odds and extend the coverage to +1.75 on a home underdog instead of a +1.0 or +1.25. But still, consider the odds for each bet.

    It’s important to take the underdog teams in consideration, and you can always check the odds on betting platforms like VOdds where you can see the actual scores and how it would look with Asian Handicap.

    2. Handicap the Stronger Team

    Basically, what we do in Asian Handicap is we level or we even-out the scores for both teams, so that would mean that we are handicapping the stronger team for a better coverage for our bets.

    Typically, a standard betting system or 1x2 betting looks like this:

    • Team A
    • Team B
    • Draw

    But if you choose to bet using an Asian Handicap betting platform or system, it would look like this:

    • Team A -1.5
    • Team B +1.5

    In this system, the “-” is given to the stronger team, and the “+” is given to the underdog team. You can really have a more interesting outcome with this type of betting. Read more about Asian Handicap from free football betting tips in different websites to familiarize yourself with it.     

    3. Use an Asian Handicap Betting Platform

    Lastly, to maximise your profits, use an Asian Handicap betting platform that can manage your bets for you. Like our partner, VOdds, they have a lot of bookmakers on their platform that you can bet with using a single wallet. They also give free football betting tips and advice on other sports as well to help readers in their sports betting journey.

    When you use an Asian Handicap betting platform, you can maximise your profits and have lots of coverage for your bets in both half and quarter options. There are also no losses if the handicap outcome ends in a draw, your stakes will be refunded by the bookmakers that you selected. If you want to try this, you can request for a demo account or sign up directly on VOdds.

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