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  • Panathinaikos vs Partizan Basketball Game on 2024-01-19 Betting Prediction

    Prediction for Panathinaikos vs Partizan Basketball Game on 2024-01-19

    Panathinaikos and Partizan are set to clash in a riveting EuroLeague basketball game on January 19, 2024. Here’s an in-depth analysis and prediction for this exciting matchup:

    1. Team Form and Standings
      • Panathinaikos: They are in superb form, having secured ten wins in their last 11 games. The only recent loss was against Baskonia in an away match.
      • Partizan: Currently 9th in the standings with a record of 11 wins and 10 losses. They’ve shown resilience, often making strong comebacks after sluggish starts, particularly in defense​​​​
    2. Key Player Analysis
      • Panathinaikos: Mathias Lessort has been a standout, establishing himself as one of the most dominant centers in the league. Additionally, Marius Grigonis is delivering exceptional performances this season.
      • Partizan: Zach Leday was a crucial player in their first encounter against Panathinaikos this season, scoring 23 points. Frank Kaminsky is another key player, having scored 15 points in a previous EuroLeague game against Fenerbahce.
    3. Head-to-Head and Recent Encounters
      • In the 15 head-to-head games, Panathinaikos has 8 wins while Partizan has 7.
      • Partizan won their first encounter this season with a score of 92-87, with notable performances from Leday and Nunn​​.
    4. Injury Report
      • Panathinaikos: Luca Vildoza and Ioannis Papapetrou are sidelined due to injuries.
      • Partizan: They have faced several player losses and injuries, including the long-term absence of Aleksa Avramovic​​​​.
    5. Team Stats
      • Panathinaikos: Averages 82.0 PPG, 16.5 assists, and 33.4 rebounds.
      • Partizan: Averages 84.4 PPG, 15.8 assists, and 31.8 rebounds​​.


    • Game Winner: Panathinaikos
    • Under/Over Line: Under 165.5
    • Winner with Handicap: Panathinaikos -5.5


    • Panathinaikos has the home advantage and is in excellent form, making them favorites.
    • Given both teams’ scoring averages and recent defensive improvements, especially from Partizan, the game might be tighter, leading to an under 165.5 scoreline.
    • Panathinaikos’ current form and team strength, even with a few injuries, suggest they can cover the -5.5 handicap against a Partizan team that often starts slow in games​