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  • Ethereum Betting in [2021] How To Do That?

    choice1 Step by step guide hot to use Etherium in Sports Betting. Cryptocurrencies typically come with little to no fees. Specific actions when using or reviewing Ethereum carry a transaction charge, but setting up a wallet is free and so is using it as a payment method on gambling sites. [...]
  • Bitcoin Betting in [2021] How To Do That?

    choice1 Step by Step Guide How to use Bitcoin in Sports Betting. Betting sites that accept Bitcoin are straightforward. They tend to operate on the same principles as other online operators, with the small exception in their payment section.  [...]
  • Football Betting Offers You Can Take Advantage Of

    choice1 With so many bookmakers available to bet with online, they are in constant competition with each other to try and win business from punters. The one thing they can do to gain business is to create special offers for a number of different sports to entice you to bet with them. These offers are now so common that you should not be betting without one, and if you are it is time to change your bookmaker. [...]
  • Cryptocurrency Trading

    choice1 Over the last few years, cryptocurrencies have become a global phenomenon. Many crypto exchanges and markets have since emerged, turning the trade of non-fiat money into the new norm.  So, what exactly is cryptocurrency trading, and how does it work? [...]
  • Cryptocurrency Market

    choice1 Cryptocurrency took the world by storm just a few years ago, but what is it? Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that’s controlled and secured by cryptography instead of policies at a bank. It’s secure and decentralised, usually based on blockchain technology. [...]
  • The Basics of Tennis Betting for Newcomers

    choice1 There are many simple ways to bet on tennis, giving you a starting point when you decide that it is for you. Those who have placed bets on other sports will have an advantage to those who have never placed a bet before, but getting involved is easy for everyone. [...]
  • Top 5 Biggest Crypto Currencies

    choice1 Since its launch in 2009, Bitcoin has been reshaping the financial world as one of the first cryptocurrencies. Digital payment wasn’t a brand new concept at the time, but spending with BTC was a transactional evolution. Following this success, other crypto sprouted in competition, adding more options to the cashless markets. [...]
  • BlockChain Betting in 2021

    choice1 In 2018, controversy hit the gambling world. A famous sportsbook experienced an error in its odds calculating system. As a result, the sportsbook refused to pay out a substantial winning wager which caught the attention of the media.  [...]
  • What Is a Blockchain and How Does it Work?

    choice1 Have you heard about blockchains? If you’ve been following technological advancements in investment, banking, or cryptocurrency, you might have. Blockchain stores transactional records in several databases, making up the “chain” network, and it’s connected through peer-to-peer nodes. Usually, this is referred to as a digital ledger. [...]
  • Betting Companies with Fastest Pay-Outs

    choice1 When you place a bet with your bookmaker, you have to deposit funds into your account with them. If you are lucky enough to win then your winnings will be placed into your betting account for you to either place further bets or withdraw back to yourself.  [...]
  • Most Popular Casino Games by Bettors

    choice1 The growth in online casinos has given us so many new games to choose from, as well as great new versions of old classics with fantastic new graphics and features to bring them up to date and make them fun to play. Here are just a few of the most popular casino games that are played by gamblers. [...]
  • The Top Football Tips Guide You Need to Read

    choice1 Just being a sports aficionado doesn’t help much. It's also important to be equally avid and enthusiastic about your performance as well. So, get a few apps on your mobile to track your performance on the go. See how you are, compared to others [...]
  • How To Choose The Right Sports Betting Site

    choice1 Are you thinking about trying out some sports betting in order to win yourself some cash and enjoy the sport even more? Sports betting sites come in all shapes and sizes these days with plenty of odds and different sports to bet on. [...]
  • How to Become a Better Football Punter

    choice1 Sports betting has opened a lot of doors for sports fans. With sports betting, fans are now able to ‘engage’ directly in any sport by making predictions and the like. Moreover, sports betting has also become an avenue for some people to make a living. [...]
  • Find Value with Favourite on the Half Time Full Time Football Betting Market

    choice1 A lot of people will pick out a football team, before finding them to be too short a price to back, either forcing them to miss out on backing that team or put them with others in an accumulator. The alternative to this is to find a different market to use where you can back the team at a bigger price because the bet you are placing has an additional element attached to it. [...]
  • Football betting consolation offers

    choice1 Football betting is hugely popular all around the world and because of that a lot of bookmakers create offers for their customers to take advantage of, in an attempt to get more business in. These offers are consolation offers that will give you something back, but with the extra business coming into the bookmaker because of that offer, they can afford to bring them in. [...]
  • Betting on Extra Time and Penalty Shootouts

    choice1 With the World Cup coming up, we are going to see a lot of knockout football over the next month. Many people will be placing bets on those games, and the most common way to bet on them is to place a bet on the 90-minute market. [...]
  • Cash Out Feature Explained

    choice1 When you are placing your bets with the bookmaker you will likely have seen something called ‘cash out’, this is new and something that a lot of bookmakers are now beginning to offer. The cash out function is basically the bookmaker paying you out early on your bet, based on what is happening at the time you press cash out. [...]
  • What Went Wrong With Germany in Russia 2018?

    choice1 Nobody saw this one coming - Germany’s early exit from the 2018 World Cup. But maybe we shouldn’t be surprised. In addition to the poor stats it recorded at the tournament, which you will find in the infographic [...]
  • Different Betting Markets Available for Goal Scorers

    choice1 Backing a goal scorer was something that initially started with the first goalscorer market, but now there are many more to choose from. You can back a player to score first, last, at any time, two goals or more, or even a hat trick, the options are now far greater and give an additional choice to punters looking to get in on the action. [...]

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