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  • Football Betting Offers You Can Take Advantage Of

    Football Betting Offers You Can Take Advantage Of

    With so many bookmakers available to bet with online, they are in constant competition with each other to try and win business from punters. The one thing they can do to gain business is to create special offers for a number of different sports to entice you to bet with them. These offers are now so common that you should not be betting without one, and if you are it is time to change your bookmaker.

    When it comes to football, this is one of the biggest and most common betting sports, so also somewhere you can find many different betting offers. When placing your football bets, it doesn’t matter what type of bet you are placing, you will be able to find an offer that can enhance your betting, and potentially give you even bigger returns. With the right football betting offer on your side, you can potentially make your betting more profitable and if that is the case, you will certainly enjoy it more.

    There are many basic offers you can take advantage of, and a lot of bookmakers offer some of these. Depending on how you bet will determine which offer is the best for you to use, so take a look at some of the offers below, and look further into them if you feel they match your betting pattern and can enhance your profit.

    Accumulator Offers

    Accumulators are one of the most popular bets and something that punters from all over the world place on a daily basis. When placing your accumulators you should always be on the lookout for an offer, and there are two main ones offered by many bookmakers that you can take advantage of.

    Acca Boost

    If you are looking for a boost to your winnings then look out for bookmakers offering an acca boost. To qualify for this you usually have to place a bet with a minimum of five selections, but check out the individual bookmaker rules before placing. With this offer, you will receive a percentage bonus on top of your winnings when you have a winning bet. This usually increases with the number of selections you have in your bet, the more selections you choose, the bigger the boost to your winnings. If you are looking to win more money when you back an accumulator winner and you have enough selections in your bet, an acca boost is the offer for you.

    Acca Insurance

    An acca insurance offer is a great way to cover your accumulator bet just in case one team lets you down. Like the acca boost, you generally have to place a bet with a minimum number of selections, usually five. The acca insurance offer gives you the consolation of your money back should your bet be let down by one selection. If you place a bet with six teams in it, and five out of six-win then usually you will receive nothing back from the bookmakers. However, the acca insurance offer will give you your money back, usually as a free bet, which means you have another chance to land a winner. If you want to cover for when you just miss out, this offer is the one you need to look at.

    Single Bet Offers

    If you are placing single bets on football games then you can also take advantage of many different offers. There are many to look out for, and even if you are just placing a small single on an upcoming football game you should never place a bet without making sure you qualify for an offer with it.

    0-0 Consolation

    A lot of people place single football bets on games they are watching. Should you watch a game that ends 0-0 then it is likely that the game is a disappointment to you, very few games that end 0-0 are entertaining. This means that your bet has lost, and you’ve also watched a poor game of football. However, many bookmakers offer a consolation where they give you your money back on certain markets if the game ends 0-0. The markets are usually goalscorer and correct score markets, so if you like to bet on these markets make sure you do so while taking advantage of an offer like this.

    Two Up Pay Out

    A relatively new football offer that has appeared recently is the two up offer, which a handful of bookmakers have started to use. This offer will pay you out if your chosen team go two goals ahead in any game. This can be any scoreline, whether it is 2-0 or 4-2, and as soon as that two-goal lead appears your bet will be settled as a winner. Should your team go onto lose the game then you don’t have to worry about your bet, it will be a winner despite the final result thanks to this offer. If you are looking for a general football offer to take advantage of then this is the kind of offer you should be looking at. When the seasons begin again after the summer break, it would be no surprise to see more bookmakers offering something like this to compete with each other.

    Goal Scorer Betting

    When placing bets on goal scorers there are a couple of different offers that you can take advantage of, depending on the way you bet. If you bet each way on the first goalscorer market then look out for bookmakers that offer enhanced each way terms. The best out there is 1/3 odds on unlimited goals, some bookmakers will cover just the three or four goals. By covering unlimited you are covered if the game is high scoring and your player scores towards the end.

    The other goal scorer offer is an additional boost to your winnings if your player scores multiple goals in the game. Not many bookmakers offer this, but it is great if you can find it on a game you are betting in. With this, for example, should your player score the first goal and a further goal you will receive double the odds, while if your player goes onto score a hat-trick then you will receive treble the odds.