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  • How Using a Range of Bets Can Make You a Better Bettor

    How Using a Range of Bets Can Make You a Better Bettor

    When you place a bet with your bookmaker on any sport you can choose from a wide variety of different bets. This is one thing that gives the punter an advantage, but many people don’t realise this and they stick to the same bets every time they log on to their bookmaker’s website. Instead of this, you should look to use as many different bet types as possible, varying them depending on the situation you are in and how you want to bet.

    Different Bet Types for Different Situations

    When you have a selection or multiple selections that you would like to place a bet on there will be a bet type that suits the bets you are having. For example, if you are placing a bet on five football teams that are priced up at 1/4 or less, placing five singles on those selections is not going to be profitable. However, an accumulator on them would be a good way to go forward, because all have a strong chance of winning according to the odds on offer. If you are betting on horse racing and you have four horses you want to place a bet on, and the shortest one is priced up at 6/1, a fourfold accumulator on those is certainly not the way to go, even though it would bring huge returns. Instead look at bets like the lucky 15 or the Yankee for these type of selections, a lucky 15 will give you a return even if you have just one winner, and at 6/1 that will be a good return.

    There are many more bets you can use, and there are also bets that require a certain amount of selections, so there is no reason you cannot vary things. Being a profitable punter requires you to think about your betting and one of the things you need to think about is the bet types you are placing every single time you place a wager. There is no right or wrong bet type, what you have to do is place a bet using the bet type that is best suited to the situation. Sometimes this will be an accumulator on the selections, while other times you will use trixies, patents and lucky 31’s to your advantage.

    Consider the Number of Selections You Have

    When you are looking at the bet type to place on your selections, you also need to be working out whether you have the right number of selections or not. This is certainly the case when you are placing an accumulator. Look at the number of selections you have chosen, take a look at the odds on offer if you win and work out whether you are happy with them for the risk involved. Sometimes you may choose to add another selection to boost the winnings, although it will also pay to take a couple of selections out sometimes and make your bet a little more realistic. One of the biggest problems that many punters have is betting realistically, they always put in one or two selections too many in an attempt to win big and this will backfire 99% of the time. The aim of betting is to win the most money possible from your bets, but you have to be realistic when you place your bets and those 16 team accumulators that get placed are one in a million to land.

    You can also use bet types that require a certain number of selections to help you add or take away in certain situations. For example, if you have four football teams but the odds on offer show that a Trixie bet would be a great bet to place, don’t be scared to take out one of your selections and cut down to three so you can place a Trixie. You may not win as much as you would have done by keeping the four selections and placing an accumulator, but you have much more chance to win with this far more realistic bet.

    Use Large Multiples, but Only at the Right Time

    Big multiple bets that cover many different scenarios like lucky 31’s, lucky 63’s, goliaths and Heinz bets are all good to use in certain scenarios. However, the cost of these bets makes them very expensive and you should only use them when you are sure that the situation needs them. When placing bets like this you may have to lower your unit stakes, but even if you do that, if they are used in the right situation these bets have the ability to earn you a great payout.

    For example, a lucky 63 requires six different selections and covers every single bet from singles all the way up to an accumulator. The bet costs a lot to place, but even if you only get four selections right out of six you should still find yourself with a nice pick up from your bookmaker, because 15 of those 63 bets will be winners, including a fourfold and four trebles. Regardless of the sport, you bet on, if you are picking out six strong fancies, then you should hope to have at least three winners from them, and this will ensure you get a return. This is completely the opposite to an accumulator bet, which is only one bet and costs a lot less but will only give you a return if you have six winners out of six.


    One advantage that punters have over bookmakers is the ability to place a variety of different bets. These should be used to your advantage and if you use them in the right scenario, you are sure to enhance your betting returns. Make yourself familiar with the different betting types and know when to use them, by matching up the right bet with the right scenario you are going to take more money from the bookmakers than you have ever done before.