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  • How to bet on Corners and Cards

    Betting on Corners and Cards

    There are many different football betting markets available for punters to bet on. With so much going off it can often be difficult for punters to keep up, so a lot of people specialise in a certain area and stick to that. One area that many people focus on is stats betting, this involved goals that a lot of people like to bet on, but also involves two other betting opportunities that are not as common and they are corners and cards.

    These offer the opportunity to bet on a market where the result has no impact on whether your bet will win or not, so they are great for those not wanting to pick a winner. You can also look back at past stats, and use your own judgement to work out what type of bet you would like to place, and if there is something that catches your eye. With the ability to use stats, and your own knowledge and bet on something without needing a particular team to win, it is easy to see why many people are turning to betting on corners and cards in a football game.


    When you bet on the number of corners in a game there are many different markets that you can use. The most common market is a three-way market where you will guess how many total corners there will be. This is usually set out something like the example below:

    Under 8 corners
    8-11 corners
    Over 11 corners

    There are three ways to bet here, if you think there will be a lot of corners you back for there to be over 11, a small number of corners would be under eight and you can also back on the middle section. If you are looking for a way to get into normal corner betting then this is certainly the way to go.

    Elsewhere there are many other markets you can use thanks to the bookmakers. If you only want to bet on a particular team then you can back individual team corners, so instead of backing how many corners will be in the game, you are betting on how many corners one team will have in the game. The influx of half-time markets also cover corner betting, so instead of betting on the full game, you can just bet on the first half if you wish. These markets give you choice as a punter. You just need to decide which one is best for you.

    When you are looking at what bets to place on corners you can use two things to help you, the first is your own knowledge of the teams and players involved and the second is previous stats. There are many different ways in which you can use the stats available to you, but these will show how many corners teams have had in the past. While every game is different, at least the stats will give you a starting point when looking at your bets, and something that you can add your own knowledge too.

    When you are thinking about corners you should look for games that are going to be attacking, and have good wide players who like to cross the ball also helps the number of corners. If teams are attacking from out wide and they are looking to get the ball into the box, if the ball doesn’t reach the target there is a good chance it could be deflected out for a corner. This isn’t an exact science, but thinking about the teams and players involved will help you work out whether there will be more than the average opportunities for a corner to be given.

    Corner betting is a good alternative way to bet on football matches and with the help of stats and your own knowledge, you should be able to quickly get into it and pick out some selections.


    The cards market is set out in a very similar way to the corners market, so if you have used one of these before but not the other, betting on them is very similar so you should be able to pick it up easily. Like above with corners, the cards market will be split into a three-way market when you can bet on under, over or a middle section when placing your cards bets. If you think a game will be littered with cards then you can back the overs, while if you think the game will be allowed to flow then you can back under.

    With many other markets to use just like with corners, you will have a choice too when it comes to betting on cards. Like with corners you can bet on individual teams instead of the full game, which can come in very handy if you think a certain team is going to get penalised a lot by the referee. You can also split the game up, so if you think there will be early cards as the referee tries to stamp his authority then look to back on the number of first-half cards rather than the number of cards in the full game.

    Using your own knowledge can really help you when it comes to betting on cards. Look out for a game where there is something that will give the game an edge, for example, a local derby or a game that has huge importance at the top or bottom of the table. These games are known for having some hard tackles and often the referee’s will try to prevent the game getting out of hand by giving out early yellow cards for challenges.

    Add to this any stats you can find and you should have a platform that you can build a bet from. Stats will show how often teams receive yellow and red cards, and you can use these alongside your own thoughts on the game to decide which way you want to bet.