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  • Publish date: 2017-10-27 02:37:00
    Event date: 2017-10-27 05:05:00
    Stake: 9/10
    Sacramento Kings Over 101.0 @1.85
    Ended 2017/10/27
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    Sazor20 -20.0% (61)
    Pick: Sacramento Kings Over 101.0
    Odds: 1.85
    Stake: 9/10

    In my opinion both teams play style are very similar, both love play from paint, Kings have Fox who like to push a tempo and play in transition, Hill also like push pace, and Pelicans have Cousins who love to go ussualy in transion very fast, and dribble a ball, and Holiday who like to space floor and run and nothing work out it kicked out to three. I think this match would be better offensevely for home team, because have more perimeter good players, and of course have a lot of to prove after Cousins trade. But in my opinion Kings are better offensevely from top to bottom, or defensevely. Of course Pel's have Cousins, but I think from bench, I give edge for Kings. I think from all perspective It would be fun game, and total of points I think would be abou 220. Kings vesus HOU launched really good amount of threes and more play on perimeter and in transition putted some points, have really good shooter and Pelicans have the same recipie versus a Blazers played also good fast tempo. I go with Kings Over 101.0.

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