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  • Five Basic Football Bets to Get You Started

    Five Basic Football Bets to Get You Started

    If you are new to football betting, or you already place football bets on who will win the game, but you are looking to do more then this article will help you move onto the next level. It is always a good idea to start with very basic betting markets when betting on football, but once you have built up your experience, there are many different markets you can choose from. Betting on a team to win the game is always the best place to start, but after you have done that here are five other simple markets you can use as you expand your betting knowledge.

    Goal Scorer Betting

    There are three simple ways which you can back a goal scorer in a football game, these are to back the first goal scorer, the last goal scorer and the back a player to score anytime. If you are looking for an alternative way to bet then this is certainly it, and you can either put a few scorers together in a multiple anytime scorer bet, or back singles on the first or last goal scorer. This means it can suit different punters no matter how you bet, which is a big advantage of the bet.

    Instead of backing a team to win and cheering them on, here you are backing a player and cheering them on to score a goal. This can add a fun element to betting on football, and is certainly something you should try out if you have never placed a goal scorer bet before.

    Correct Score Betting

    Another fun way to get involved in football betting is to place correct score bets. If you are watching a live game and you want to place a bet for interest at a nice price then correct score betting is a great way to do this. The odds on offer when you place this bet are always very good, because the risk is big and the bet is harder to predict. When you place a correct score bet, not only are you guessing who will win but you are guessing what the score will be.

    If you are the type of punter who likes regular wins then this bet may not be for you, because they are hard to predict right. However, if you are patient and you don’t mind waiting for a winner because the odds on offer are big and will make it worthwhile then this could be a bet that you look at in the future. The odds on offer make correct score betting very popular, and it is hard to see that changing, punters will always be looking to take a chance and land a nice priced winner by using a market like this.

    Handicap Betting

    Handicap betting is a lot more popular in other sports other than football, especially those like rugby and American football where the winning margin can often be big. However, over the past few years more and more people have turned to handicap betting on football due to the better odds that are available if you think a team can not only win, but win their game comfortably.

    When you are placing a handicap bet you are betting with a fictional score already in place. For example, a heavy favourite may have a handicap attached to them of -2, which means that not only do they have to win their game, but they have to win by three goals or more to cover the handicap. With the additional risk in place of the handicap you will receive a far great odds than on the normal betting markets, and this is why more and more people are turning to handicap betting.

    The next time you fancy a big favourite to win but you don’t want to take the short price on offer, look at the handicap betting market and see what handicap they have to give up, and what price you will get for that. It is more than likely that you will be able to find some value here if you think the team can win comfortably, and this is the best situation in which to use this market.

    Draw No Bet

    The draw no bet market is a relatively new football betting market, but one that is being used to good effect by many punters. This market is ideal when you are backing teams at a big price, and you are happy to take a slightly lower price on them to cover your bet. Instead of backing the team to win at their standard price, if you use this market you can still back them at a good price, but one that is lower. Then because you are taking the lower price you can take advantage of draw no bet. This means if the game ends in a draw, you will receive your stake money back instead of losing it.

    If your team wins, you bag a nice priced winner, if they draw you get their money back and only if they lose do you lose your money. There are situations when you can use this market to your advantage, so be sure to check it out.

    Half Time Betting

    If you want to cut the game in half then you can place a bet on the outcome you think will happen, but only on the first half. You can use any betting market, but the standard market is the best market for this, with the one difference being that only the first half counts.

    If you think a team will get off to a great start then back them to win the first half, or if you think a game will be tight and close early then backing a draw at half time may be the best way to put down your money. There is a lot of different ways in which you can use this market, but it is ideal if you fancy something to happen early in the game.