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  • You Need to Know This about Beach Volleyball

    If you have never thought about it, you may not know that beach volleyball is a fast rising sport.

    Its rules make beach volleyball easy to play for both professionals and amateur players. Different than indoor volleyball, you play on the sand and everything else you need is a net and 4 players separated into two teams.

    Probably this makes beach volleyball so attractive and the attractiveness makes it popular. Besides that, it is an Olympic sport!

    The most of top bookies, including Bet365, 1xBet and others, have this sport events for betting.

    The European Beach Volleyball Championship will start on August 16 in Latvia, so dive little deeper and get to know this sport that will gather top continental talent.

    So what do you need to know before starting to place your wagers? The key points of this sport.

    Let’s start from the basics.

    There are two types of beach volleyball games – single gender or mixed. The game is usually played barefoot. The field consists of two 8 meters squares and players cannot be substituted.

    The game is being played until one team wins two sets. To win a set, you have to score 21 points and have a two point advantage. So the scoring can keep going until one team gets ahead by 2 points.

    If after two sets the game is tied, in third set the team has to reach only 15 points (with same 2 point advantage).

    This is basically it. The most of the rules are applied from the game of indoor volleyball.

    Betting types

    Since the sport is no different in comparison to many other sports where you win by sets, so the betting types are similar as well.

    You can choose to a wager to pick your winner of the match. But if there is a huge difference between the levels of two teams, you might not get to try this one.

    Otherwise, you could bet on the handicap. It is an Asian betting type where you can select a certain margin. Depending on your selection, the team has to win by more than your chosen value or lose by less than your chosen value.

    For example, if A team has clear advantaged over B team, you might choose A team’s -1.5 handicap which would mean that the A team will win by more than 1.5 sets. So in beach volleyball this can only mean victory by 2 sets, or to be more precise the final result of 2-0.

    Similar +1.5 would mean that the B team can lose by no more than one set.

    Another popular betting type is for over/under. In this case you bet on the total number of points that will be scored. You can bet on game total or total of a certain team. Quite a common number for over/under betting is 71.5 – this means you would have to choose whether both teams could combine for more or less than 71.5 points.

    There are even more betting types but those are for very short term or specific events and purely based on luck. We recommend to avoid them with the exception of correct score. Beach volleyball does not have many options for correct score, it can be only 2-0 or 2-1 for either side. Notice that prediction of 2-0 is the same as handicap of -1.5 – but are the odds the same? Sometimes not. You can use this to maximize your return.

    Betting tips

    Since beach volleyball is still growing, it has not found its way into betting like many other sports. This means there are fairly small options which bookie to choose.

    Check what top bookies have to offer because odds can vary. Do not forget that the fact this sport is less known serves to your favor – bookies do not know so much about participants and cannot predict the winners so great.

    You have an advantage. Use it. Use the chance of watching live streams (main beach volleyball events are usually streamed online), sometimes you can use live betting to cover your potential losses, but do not too much into this.

    Live betting can and watching games online can make you feel overly confident which usually results in bad losses.

    Better analyze teams as good as you can and do not forget to follow StakeHunters for our betting guide and tips!