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  • How to Become a Better Football Punter

    Sports betting has opened a lot of doors for sports fans. With sports betting, fans are now able to ‘engage’ directly in any sport by making predictions and the like. Moreover, sports betting has also become an avenue for some people to make a living. If you find yourself in the latter group i.e. using sports betting as a source of income, then you most likely want to improve your betting skills as best as you can. In light of this, we have decided to come up with this article which shares some insightful tips on how one can better his sports betting skills. The article focuses more on football betting.

    Refrain from setting targets 

    Whether you are betting for fun or for profits, you should refrain from setting targets for yourself. Setting targets for yourself will put unnecessary pressure on your shoulders. As such, after a bad run of loses, you are forced to chase a win/s so as to recover lost funds. Chasing wins is something that any gambler should not do as it’s a good recipe for disaster (more losses). Therefore, when you are in football betting, never set yourself targets to meet.

    How to Become a Better Football Punter

    Don’t act on the advice of other punters

    For those who like visiting the land-based casino or sportsbook to place their bets, do not act on the advice of other punters. It’s a difficult thing to do because almost every discussion inside the betting hall is dominated by other punters’ predictions. However, try to focus on your work and do not let other punters’ predictions distract you. This even applies when you are on a winning run and the next punter is on a winning run. The moment you decide to take the next punter’s advice might just be the time that the punter goes on a losing run. As such, always play with your mind and heart other than someone else’s predictions.

    Take betting as a business 

    When you want to become a better football punter, you ought to take betting as a business. As such, you have to know your capital (bankroll). With your bankroll, you have to spread it in such a way that you will reap rewards after a few gaming sessions. Never use your bankroll in one go on a single bet.

    Put emotions aside

    Many people who engage in football betting are football fanatics. As such, they do have their favourite teams, players, coaches and so on. While this is great as it allows a fan to feel more connected to the team of his heart, when it comes to football betting, one has to draw a line between his love for a particular team and his betting decisions. Never let the love for your team cloud your judgement when placing a bet. If you find this hard (to sometimes bet against your favourite team), it’s advisable that you refrain from betting on a match in which your team is playing. By now, you know what it is that makes a good punter, therefore, it’s time to visit and try your luck.