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  • The Balance of Luck and Skills in Top Sports. Choose on What do You Bet

    What sport do you like to bet on? Is it football? Is it basketball? Hockey, maybe? Tennis or any other?

    Well, we have bad news for some of you. Sports can be differentiated by their predictability. This is the reason you have to know where your favorite sport ranks compared to the others.

    According to Vox, ice hockey is the closest to randomness. Michael Mauboussin, who is the author of the book called The Success Equation, found out how skills correlate with the results of the regular season of top sports in the USA.

    Where, as we all know, lottery tickets are relying purely on luck, sports differ by the game flow, the number of players and other conditions.

    His findings showed that ice hockey (based on NHL results) is the most luck dominated sport compared to American football, European football (soccer), baseball, basketball and chess.

    Calculations that were made do not show how skilled players are. Instead, it shows how sport is capable of measuring players’ skills in its context.

    One of the key thesis is the sample size. Leagues, where teams play less games are more reliant on luck than leagues in which teams play hundreds of games throughout the season.

    Other important size is the number of chances team has to score in the game.

    Care to learn more? Watch this Vox video below. And do not forget – we at have various picks to satisfy your needs. So pick wisely and have a happy hunt!