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  • Five Things a Good Tennis Bookmaker Will Offer You

    Whether you are looking for your very first tennis bookmaker, or you are looking to swap and find a better place to put your bets on, you should always be looking for the same things. These will allow you to bet at the best odds, on a variety of betting markets, taking advantage of offers and promotions and at a time when it suits you. If you get these, you know you are betting in a good place, and getting a good deal.

    Here is a look at five things that a good tennis bookmaker will offer you.

    Competitive Odds

    If you bet with just one bookmaker then you won’t get the best odds every time you place a bet. However, what you want to have is a competitive list of odds available to you, so you do get the best sometimes and at other times you get close to the best.

    This is all down to the bookmaker’s margin, which is what they add to their market to give them a profit. If a bookmaker has a low margin then they take a smaller profit out of each market, leaving bigger prices for punters to take. Look for bookmakers that have a good reputation when it comes to their prices, and also compare the odds yourself if you have time. When looking for a bookmaker you should try and put as much work in as possible, comparing odds for a few weeks at different tournaments is tough to do, but you will be rewarded if you do it.

    Large Range of Betting Markets

    The way you bet on tennis right now is not always going to be the way you bet. You may change markets, add more markets or take some away, there is no way you will know what you are going to do in the future. The best way to approach this is to find a bookmaker that offers a large range of markets. This means that if you change your betting pattern in the future you shouldn’t have to go and find another bookmaker, because the one you have chosen will offer the markets you need.

    The best tennis bookmakers will offer you many different ways to get your money down. Whether you want to keep it simple and bet on a player to win the game, or you would like to add a complication such as a handicap line, or backing a correct score, the best tennis bookmakers will let you do all this. You may not use these markets often, or you may not even use them at all right now, but they could be something you turn to in the future when you are looking for a different angle into a game.

    Offers and Promotions

    There are many bookmakers that offer different promotions on sports and these cover tennis. Whether you find accumulator offers that give you consolations with your money back, or additional winnings when you win, these are something you need to be taking advantage of. When the big events come around, you should see more of these offers, and perhaps some more for specific tennis games, with bonuses available for you to take advantage of.

    With so many different bookmakers offering promotions, it is vital that you go with a bookmaker that offers them. These can make a big difference to your betting profit and loss, especially those that offer bonuses on top of your winnings for accumulator bets, so if you are an accumulator punter be sure to have these on your side.

    Early Betting

    Many punters have very busy lives and placing bets can often be hard to do. One way which you can help yourself is to find a bookmaker that has early betting available, and at a time when you can get on. For example, if you are free early in a morning when you wake up, look for a bookmaker that prices up early enough to have betting available when you wake up, saving you from trying to find time to bet when you are too busy. Betting is something that you should enjoy, so be sure to find a way to bet during your spare time, so you aren’t quickly putting bets on and making mistakes when you are not supposed to.

    This is something that you can check yourself, just take a look around at different bookmakers at a time when you are ready to bet, and want to bet, and see who has betting available. By seeing which bookmakers don’t have odds available, you know which ones to avoid and you can instead concentrate on those who will let you place your bets at the time that suits you.

    Antepost Betting

    Some punters love to place antepost bets, while others keep away and don’t bother. They are a different way to get involved in tennis betting, and if you like to place antepost bets on the big events then finding a bookmaker offering them is important. When we are close to a big event, all bookmakers will offer odds to punters on which player will win the event. However, some bookmakers have bigger antepost offerings, and they will offer odds on the big events throughout the year.

    For example, every bookmaker will allow you to place bets on who will win Wimbledon the week before it begins. However, some big antepost bookmakers will allow you to place bets on the tournament months in advance, something you can do in the hope of bagging some value. If you fancy a player to do well but you want to get on before that player goes onto win other tournaments, antepost betting allows you to do this.

    This is also the way to back multiples on players to win two or three grand slam events, offering another interesting way to get involved if you think a particular player is going to have a very good season.