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  • The Basics of In Play Football Betting

    The Basics of In Play Football Betting

    In play football betting is already very popular with punters, but it is becoming increasingly popular each season, and there are few punters out there who haven’t placed an in play bet before. With so many people turning to this, it is important that everyone understands the basics and how to place bets, and what to look out for. If you have never placed an in play bet before, or you have only placed a couple of small bets then this guide will help you understand in play betting in full. That will then help you place the right wagers, hopefully leading to success and profit for your betting.

    When you are betting in play, you can place a bet on many of the same markets you can before a game starts. However, there are also other markets available for you to bet on that only come into play when the game kicks off.

    Make Sure You Are Watching Live

    The first thing you need to do when you are betting in play, and also the most important thing, is to ensure you are watching the game live. Make sure you are watching from a reputable source, so that your stream is in real time and not delayed, and it is always advisable to not place too many bets on games you are not watching at all.

    Football fans obviously watch a lot of football and you can all tell how a game is developing, who are on top and who look likely to score next. Without watching a game, you do not have this info. Of course, you will be able to see the score and see the stats, but that is not the same as being able to watch the game live and make your own decisions.

    When you are placing a bet on any sport it is vital you use all the information that you have available to you, and when it comes to in play betting the information you get is from watching the game. This will give you an opinion and from here you can formulate your bet if you watch a lot of football and you understand the game well then you should be able to trust your judgement when placing bets.

    Explore the Markets

    When you are betting before a game you often have an opinion on who will win the game, or who will score a goal and that is what you bet on. However, when you are watching the game live and looking to place an in-play bet, you will be able to have an opinion on many different things. This can help you secure value by betting in different ways and using your opinion to bet on smaller sections of the game.

    For example, prior to a football game, you could think that the home team had a chance of winning the game, and you wanted to back them. However, if you begin to watch the game and you see them dominating, then instead of backing them to win the game, you could back them to score the first goal, or back them to win the first half. You are still using your opinion on the game thanks to what you have gathered from watching it, but you are narrowing down your bet and focusing on a smaller section of the game. If a team is on top, and the game is tied in the first half then it can often pay to back them to win the first half, rather than backing them to win the game as a whole.

    Be sure to not only check out what you can bet on, but also look at the prices available for those markets. You should always be on the lookout for value, and if you have an opinion based on what you have seen from the game, then follow it through and find a bet to match your opinion.

    Every Second Counts

    When you are placing bets in play, you will notice that the prices can fluctuate very regularly, and every second counts. Bet too late and you may miss your opportunity if the team you want to back score a goal, bet too early and you may get a poorer price for your selection. There are two key elements to in play betting that you must always focus on, you need to find the right selections and back winners and you need to back them at the right time to take advantage of the best prices.

    The most experienced in play bettors will know how the prices work and will know when is the right time to jump in and place a bet. For those who are new to in play betting, try not beat yourself up if you get it wrong, but the best thing you can do is watch the betting markets on live games. Even if you have no intention of having a bet in the game, by watching the betting and the game simultaneously you can see how the changes happen. This will ready you for when you are going to place bets, and although no two games are the same, you will have some experience and a method worked out you can follow.

    The key thing to remember when you are choosing when to bet is that you will get it wrong from time to time, as every bettor does. You may take 3/1 (@4.0) when five minutes later the price is 4/1 (@5), that will hurt your profit if you have picked a winner out. This will happen to you, but it also happens to everyone else. By practising, and losing out like this, you will be able to improve your betting and judgement, but mistakes like that will continue to happen, it is part of the game.

    Betting in play is fun, and frustrating in equal measures, but it can also be profitable if you play it right.