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  • 6 Tips For Having A Great Melbourne Cup Day

    The Melbourne Cup is held every November on the first Tuesday. It’s the most famous horse race at the Flemington racecourse in Melbourne, covering a distance of 3,200 meters. As an Aussie, you know that this race brings the nation to a standstill. 

    Of all the Spring Racing Calendar events, Melbourne Cup is the major one. In previous years, the attendance has been averaging around 100,000. But in 2021, only 10,000 people were let in at Flemington, with 70% being members of the Victorian Racing Club and 5% members of the public. 

    The good thing is that there are no capacity restrictions for 2022. Nevertheless, it pays to get your ticket as early as possible as the race usually sells out pretty fast. Besides watching the game live, there’s much to do on Cup Day. It’s a star-studded function filled with glamour. Your family and friends come together to enjoy the big race and the day itself.  

    Here are some tips to consider for a great and memorable Melbourne Cup Day.    

    Place your bets early

    Melbourne Cup Day is a well-known sports event. Not everyone will make their bet on that day, but it’ll appear like everyone is on the system. Thus, it’s ideal to head to Melbourne Cup places before the day to check out previous race results and make a bet based on recent data for a more relaxed day.

    This is because online punter sites will slow down, making it frustrating to place your bet during this time. In the past, some online systems haven’t accommodated the overwhelming number of gamblers trying to make a bet on the big race day.  

    Also, you can check out to watch the latest horse racing news, analysis, and tips before making your bet. Then, make your bets early before the congestion starts.

    Eat and drink well

    Melbourne Cup Day isn’t complete without fine dining. Note that Flemington Racecourse recently invested AUD$128 million or USD$86 million for dining facilities. And that’s how serious a feast cup day is. If you get a ticket, ensure you eat in these state-of-the-art facilities.

    And if you’re within Melbourne, Cup Day is your ticket to eat a fancy meal in fine dining restaurants around town. Go out with your family and experience exemplary Aussie cuisine.

    Watch the race live

    So much delight and excitement come with watching the Melbourne Cup live. You get to see the horses and their jockeys in real-time. To enjoy this day, get tickets from the Flemington Racecourse to watch live from the stadium. You’d want to purchase your ticket as soon as they’re released so you don’t miss one. And should you miss one, you can still use your smartphone or cable to catch the Melbourne Cup. You won’t be alone doing this. Research shows that 45.7% of sports fans use smartphones, and 31.6% use tablets to consume sports content. To make it more fun, get your family or friends together. 

    Dress to kill

    Melbourne Cup Day is a fabulous day filled with pomp and spring color. It’s a day to dress up and show off your spring fashion collection. The Melbourne Cup isn’t only about the horses but a day when everyone’s eyes are glued to the style and fashion on the field. Everyone pulls up in their most fancy frocks.  

    So, to be sure you enjoy the day, bring your high-end fashion pieces and showstoppers to your closet. Your chiffon, silks, and embroidery are all welcome at this event. However, don’t forget the racing fashion tradition of “no strapless dress” and “no midriffs.”

    The following are some styling tips to consider:

    • Headwear is a must
    • Start with your dress before choosing the add
    • Mix your hues
    • Choose footwear that can go the distance
    • Buy clothes you can wear again
    • Get your hair done early; the hairdressers will be off that day too

    For this day, even if you’re not going to the field, that’s not a reason not to dress up. For your picnic or family dinner, wear something fancy and sassy.

    Check the weather forecast.

    The Australian spring always experiences warm weather with average temperatures. However, according to the Bureau of Meteorology, there’s an 80% signal of a soggy spring with the country’s eastern side receiving above-average rain.  

    It shows how unpredictable the Cup Day weather is. To be comfortable, check the weather forecast on the game day and dress appropriately. If you’re not sure, carry your sweater with you. Weather changes can affect your body, causing headaches, migraines, breathing problems, and spoil the cup day fun. So, be prepared for anything by checking the weather forecast.

    Board the Melbourne cruise

    If you don’t live in Melbourne, use your cup week maximally; board the cruise ship and arrive for Cup Day in style. There are very many cruise lines that’ll help you appreciate the Australian horse racing culture.

    The cruise ship has specially designed rooms and food that remind you of the fantastic day and the Melbourne Cup lifestyle. Such an experience will spruce up your Cup Day experience.


    The Melbourne Cup is one of everyone’s spring highlights. Whether you’re attending a fancy function, family event, work lunch, or you have the privilege to enjoy the live horse racing action on the tracks. The above tips will ensure you get the most out of your day. Don’t spend it all in bed; go out and have some fun!