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  • Achievements system

    choice1 StakeHunters is starting new Achievements system. Check it out and show how good you are in sports predictions. Prove your knowledge of sports and sports betting and win bonus money! [...]
  • F.A.Q. - most asked questions on StakeHunters

    choice1 If you have any questions about using StakeHunters platform, check this! And if you won't find an answer, you are always welcome to reach us on Live chat. [...]
  • 5 StakeHunters Tipsters Site News 2018 February

    choice1 Tip of the Day feature and is now fully ready. When Tip of the Day is active, you will see a pop-up appearing once per day and will also find it in the bottom left corner of every page. Know that every tipster can get Tip of the Day status - but only free tips with descriptions qualify. [...]
  • Top Tipsters of December – Learn What You Can Earn!

    choice1 Welcome, StakeHunters are here with the results of the past month. If you wonder whether an investment in betting can provide you a decent return, look no further than our great tipsters. Consider this as a reminder and a proof how profitable sports betting can be – we have the stats for our top tipsters of December! [...]
  • What is sports arbitrage? Now is the best time to try it

    choice1 LIMITED TIME OFFER - Try the best sports arbitrage software RebelBetting one week for free. We look at what sports arbitrage is and why you should at least try it yourself. [...]
  • Top tipsters of November – learn what you can earn!

    choice1 At StakeHunters we see our work as a mission to help you succeed in this cruel and difficult world of betting. Luckily, we have a great help from our great tipsters. And we have a proof of that! Therefore StakeHunters presents top tipsters of November! [...]
  • Sheffield United's Wilder Ride

    choice1 There has been a certain tension between fans and the board at every football club across the world, and whilst both want to see their team succeed, at the end of the day football is a business, and business is booming. [...]
  • Your key to win in the NBA: ESPN‘s schedule alert

    choice1 We all know what it takes to place winning NBA wagers and the process of analysis basically can be very similar. The majority of you know how intense schedules and a lack of rest may affect NBA team’s performance. [...]
  • NBA Lines and Tips (Season 2017-18)

    choice1 While betting on NBA can seem very simple, it is actually very complex and interesting in it’s own way. In this article we will talk about few main topics: NBA money lines, spreads and totals, finding value in NBA, 5 tips for beginners, NBA Props betting and NBA 2017-18 tips. [...]
  • StakeHunters Eurobasket Competition: Behind the statistics

    choice1 First of all we want to thank you all for 28419 predictions - an impressive number for the first competition organised by StakeHunters team. We are sure it is just a great start and we'll have much fun together in future competitions. [...]
  • UEFA Europa League 2017/2018 Season by Numbers

    choice1 Following the start of Champions League, here we have UEFA Europa League nice and ready! Season starts on September 14th, so are you ready? You might have read our post about UEFA Champions League. [...]
  • UEFA Champions League 2017/2018 Season by Numbers

    choice1 Finally UEFA Champions League is here. 16 teams start their journey on September 12th and 16 more will do the same following day. Do you even know what teams are participating? Who are favorites to win it all? [...]
  • EuroBasket 2017: Round of 16 Preview

    choice1 EuroBasket 2017 has been nothing but a mix full of surprises, huge blow outs and, for some us, profit.:) Therefore we shall look at teams that made it into Round of 16. How well those teams can fare? And where to look for value? [...]
  • US Open 2017 – Know Who Strive On the Hard Court (ATP TOP 51-100)

    choice1 New York will star the best tennis faces again. US Open 2017 has already started! As you all already know, this tournament is being played on outdoor hard courts so we at StakeHunters decided to make your life easier and provide you a list of top players and their favorite playing surfaces. [...]
  • 7 Eurobasket 2017 betting tips

    choice1 If you are reading this, chances are you know basketball well. Even if you’re really good though, we will try to give some ideas that just might be new or interesting for you.   [...]
  • US Open 2017 – Know Who Strive On the Hard Court (ATP TOP 50)

    choice1 New York will star the best tennis faces again. US Open 2017 starts on the 28th of August. As you all already know, this tournament is being played on outdoor hard courts so we at StakeHunters decided to make your life easier and provide you a list of top players and their favorite playing surfaces. [...]
  • EuroBasket 2017: These Players You’ll Miss (Updated 8.30)

    choice1 Only 10 days are left before EuroBasket 2017 tips off in 4 different countries. Many people wait for the starting whistle to see beautiful plays, game winners, victories and top European basketball stars. [...]
  • EuroBasket 2017: what was better? 16 or 24 teams?

    choice1 Since 2011 the top European basketball competition – EuroBasket – has increased its participant number by 8. Now the number stands at 24 (instead of 16). So this year will have 4th championship with that many participants. Behind this number, there are various ideas and arguments. [...]
  • Already waiting for EuroBasket 2017 to start? Read this!

    choice1 International basketball fans love. If you love basketball, you are certainly going to fall for it. Can guess what it is? Yeah, right. That is EuroBasket 2017! Starting on August 31, the competition will give us more than two weeks to enjoy high quality basketball and make some profit, of course! [...]
  • Real Madrid or Manchester United? Who Takes the UEFA Super Cup?

    choice1 The 42nd edition of the UEFA Super Cup is here and about to entertain us! The top two teams of top two European club competitions – UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League – will face each other and we are going to witness this epic football match. [...]
  • Canadian Open without the reigning champion? Who is going to fill Djokovič‘s place?

    choice1 Canadian Open that is also known as Rogers Cup is the one that will get tennis fans’ attention this August. The competition starts on August 5 and it will take 8 days. This year men are going to play in Montreal while women occupy Toronto. [...]
  • Youth Ball once more! U18 European Basketball Championship is about to start

    choice1 It is a great day to be a basketball fan since FIBA U18 European Basketball Championship is starting today, on the beautiful day of July 29th. Once more top 16 European teams with players 18 years old or younger will fight for the gold in division A. [...]
  • Mayweather vs McGregor - bet or avoid?

    choice1 UFC versus box, box traditions versus notorious irishman, who already won the “talking battle”. The biggest fight of the year or even a decade is less than a month away! While it is highlighted on most sports sites already, we take a different approach.  [...]
  • One last step for young guns: U20 European Basketball Championship

    choice1 July 15th is the start of one more international basketball championship. This time it is U20 European Basketball Championship. This one is known as the last step for young players to prove themselves and make a good foundation for their professional career. [...]
  • Wimbledon is ON!

    choice1 The grass season is open! So is the major tennis tournament Wimbledon. Starting on July 3rd, the best tennis players in the world will give us a joy of almost two weeks long tennis course. Summer, good weather and top class tennis taking place whole day sound like a great combination, right? Right! [...]
  • Basketball alert: NBA Summer League 2017 is starting today!

    choice1 Not long after National Basketball Association season is over, we have another dose of American basketball! Summer League is here! It starts off with Orlando League that will take place from July 1st to July 6th. 8 teams will participate in this competition. [...]
  • Miss football? UEFA club qualification is here!

    choice1 For those of you who could not fully satisfy yourselves with FIFA Confederations Cup 2017, we remind you the good news! UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League qualifications are underway. [...]
  • Will USA reign in FIBA U19 World Cup 2019?

    choice1 FIBA Under-19 World Cup starts in less than a week and once again we will have much of summer basketball action to follow. This time we will witness a championship which will be hosted in Cairo, Egypt for the first time. [...]
  • How we verify tips and why is it better?

    choice1 The first two tips every user posts will be verified manually by StakeHunters team. After that every tipster can publish tips without restrictions, but we use multi-level verification afterwards. For our customers the biggest win is getting genuine stats and history. [...]
  • FIFA Confederations Cup 2017

    choice1 Confederations Cup is traditionally being organised one year before World Cup. 2018 World Cup will take place in Russia and Confederations Cup is also organised in this country. We have eight participating countries in two groups with 4 teams in each. [...]

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